Unkillable Tank Builds

Anyone seen or got any advice on an unkillable tank build ? Like which stats to stack, bis weapon choices, skills etc. I tested some yesterday but I wanna lean into testing a tank this weekend.

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Unkillable tank does not excist , however u can suprize the world by making one. Goodluck

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I dont mean literally unkillable smarty pants. I mean built for full survivability and buffing the group and not for dmg. The kind of tank that can 1vX and not kill anyone but kite them around all day. Like a CC machine.

Only tank build I have seen was a ice gauntlet/heal staff build
dam thing was so good it killed me and like 4 other people solo

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Sword+Shield and life staff is fun. With heavy gear and a large shield you can block and tank many hits. CC your opponents and add your aoe regen and the occasional heal and you should last a while while providing nice control.

Gauntlet and life staff are also very good, lots of control to help your allies or get you out of the way, and the ice tomb lets you regen mana to full while you’re in your heal aoe (you will be focused). Wear heavy gear for extra lazy tankiness.

I like playing the annoying dude in combat and these two builds are quite fun in that regard.