Unlimited gold. Amazon please fix this

So apparently the gold sellers are exploiting the Steam family share thing to make an unlimited number of free accounts. Since Amazon completely ignores the issue I can only assume they don’t think it’s a problem and/or it’s completely within the rules. So we as players can make it a problem for them thus forcing them to fix it. Here’s how…

So we can all do the exact thing the gold sellers are doing to pile up unlimited gold. Make a new free account. Make new characters on that account. Transfer the 5k starting gold to main. Delete the temp account rinse and repeat. If this happens enough the market will become saturated with excess gold and crash. This will force Amazon to actually deal with the problem once and for all.


5k starting gold???
It is 500 after 20 minutes…

They are running 10 - 40 bots at a time which is 69 gold in 8 minutes per bot. They have it all automated where it creates a character, skips the tutorial (can do it via settings btw) level to 3 send the 69 gold to a player via give coin, delete character and rinse and repeat.

The main problem is the bots taking up server space with this method and its the most commonly used and most effective method. The devs responded to another post they will be taking measures to try reduce how effective this is, we will wait and see.

Also to clarify the OP post yes you can actually share New World via family sharing and all play at the same time. So multiboxing is whats making this so profitable (Virtual Machines ie multiple instances of steam being used via family sharing).

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Yeah, you can break down the math…which someone did to like 30k per hour. Here’s a vid/thread:


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