Unlock Castle of Steel Please

Please unlock COS . Notice some servers were unlocked this week but COS remains locked.

Thank you ,

Not sure why COS is still locked when the other server that is almost the same as you in terms of avg pop is open.

it feels like its too late, the people waiting have been waiting over a month and the hype is gone. They will get a short spike from the FSS but I see the pop dropping quickly after. Since i’ve been back I just keep seeing poor decisions being made over and over again, they haven’t changed.

Its still one of the highest populated servers on the east cost is probably why. the fact i dont have to wait in a que now is nice so leave it locked.

Perhaps they have content creators that said they want them locked.

Do not unlock it. I que everyday since Brimstone dropped. Up to an hour some times.

Castle hasn’t had a queue in almost a week nor has it been top population. Same for Valhalla. There’s really no reason to keep them locked.

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