Unlock dungeons, arenas and overall endgame content!

It’s so simple AGS, just let players experience the game. Dungeons, boss arenas are a big part of it and players should be able to run them anytime they want and just enjoy them. They are so fun, so why dont let players do what is fun? I agree with your idea of orbs and i like it but it’s good for unlocking harder content e.g. harder version of dungeon or arena. But to play a normal (basic) version of it? To be honest it’s one of the worst systems I have ever seen in MMOs. As well as pvp content. Wars are great fun but they are so locked for many players. It would be nice if there was a mode like war but just not for territory. You can play it but rewards are gold, i dont know gear or something but just not the territory. It will unlock another big part of content for many players :slight_smile: Have a good day AGS and I hope you will make this game a really good one.

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Yes. OPR is Free and open to Que 24/7 with a 360g reward when you win.
Why for the Love of Sweet baby Jesus AGS have decided to make dungeons so complicated to enter is beyond me. 5k+ worth of mats or about 5hrs+ of farming if you don’t want to buy mats just for 1 key. Plus the lockouts on crafting keys. On top of that, the Gear drops are abysmal 1 legendary drop in like 30 laz.

On top of that if you wanna run dungeons more than your weekly lockouts on keys the Price to buy in to or buy other peoples keys means every instance you enter costs a lot of money. You don’t make the cost back from the gold dropped in the instance. Gen you can nearly break even if you can get a 1k entrance. Laz is an easy 500-1k loss every time.

You need to run about 5 instances just to make the gold back on your key craft with company members round-robin style.

Horrible system for end game content.

Boss arenas Should be a daily lock out so you get to do them say once a day and Dungeons should be Free and open to enter. Use the Key system for a HC version of the instances. They are already too easy. Our company literally runs without a tank. 4 dps, 1 healer. The bosses are dieing before they get to do mechanics. Laz first boss dies before the first AOE for example.

Yeah, there is a reason games use a lock out system to gate progress instead of something off-putting like expensive keys.

The big difference is that with keys, you CAN work the system to run the expeditions far far far far far far more often than in lockout system. It is a choice made to cater to the no life crowd instead of the casual players. Pretty much every system in this game is designed to punish the casual player in favor of rewarding the hardcore player.

Not saying it’s entirely bad to cater to the no lifers, but it’s these kinds of design choices that have contributing to them losing 90% of their initial player base because MMO players tend to leen casual.

I will tell you why in two words , money and addiction .

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