Right so I understand your worried about “long que times” with this new update, but i think your hopes are a little higher then actual reality. we might get a que for like a week , if we’re REALLY lucky, 2. and then the population will start dropping off again. maybe we’ll get more player retention, but its just going to coast the servers a little longer. the people who are still here on orun? we want the que. we WANT to have a server bursting at its seams, that’s why we moved to orun. your literally killing the servers by keeping it locked.


-sincerely, every orun player.


plss, open orun now!!

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Free ORUN!

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You all are so dramatic lol

I swear if I was a Dev I would keep that server locked just because they open like 4-5 threads a day when they’re way worst server out there. Looks like a childish server who all stacked on the same faction and now are crying


it’s really not dramatic when the devs are solo killing our servers. It’s literally a death sentence when they lock a server. It’s impossible for the server to increase so the only thing it can do is decrease to the point of 0. Started with Eden and other servers, now continuing to kill Orun as we speak and refusing to unlock it.

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I posted it before on here. Server locks are redundant. They really serve no purpose then what a que already doesn’t do. Server cap is a static number won’t change with a que or a lock. The number won’t ever allow more players then the cap. At this point everyone left or that will return knows server cap is low so no matter what a que will happen.

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Please show us the map of ORUN and we will see if AGS killed thi server population

Unlock orun !

Totally agree the server needs to be unlocked, but I don’t think they have any plans to do so after watching their March dev update. Right now they are catering to the 900-1100 or so people playing regularly on Orun. The other 1000+ characters on that server that have been abandoned for the last 4-6 months are what they are worried about. When the March update hits a bunch will come back to try it out which might create queues. In other words, people who abandoned the game months ago will be able to play on Orun when the update drops while we’re locked out. They will play for a week or two and abandon the game again and we’ll still be locked out. They should have unlocked Orun two weeks ago so those of us who have guild members and friends on the server could have transferred or created characters. At least if the March update creates queues we already are on the server and can still play once we get logged in. Now we are basically screwed. The update will drop, they’ll monitor the servers for a month or more, do server merges, monitor for another month or more and the servers will remain locked. The only way the servers will get unlocked is for them to transfer accounts that have been inactive for 60 or more days to low pop servers, to expand the max player count to 2500 or if the people who’ve abandoned the game start deleting their characters…none of which will likely happen. Not looking good for us.

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Doing so I guess allows the distribution of new players to fulfill the other servers. However, I do agree it’s kind of silly to lock it at this stage when a lot of people left. Still how is locking the server really going to be that detrimental? I think some of you are over reacting, but would like to hear some feedback.

Oooooo… A demand!


Attention my fellow gamers:

AYOOO DUPERS ON THE RUN! :man_running:

FREE ORUN! :100::top:

i support this message

No offense but the only people who say things like “you are all so dramatic” and “you are over reacting” are people who are NOT locked out and able to play with their friends…if that’s the case, no need to post here. Go enjoy the game.



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There are NO new players coming into the game, and if there are, the amount isn’t noticeable, so that point is moot. Have you been following ANY of the Orun forum requests? We don’t even care if it’s permanently or temporarily unlocked for now (some do, those are most likely the Eden players who witnessed a server locking first hand. You remember when they unlocked Eden? Oh yes, after everyone left) we just want a window of time to get the people who were on the fence, our friends from other servers a chance to hop over. We’re dramatic you say? That’s because the developers don’t respond to anything but drama unless it’s a banger of an idea. And for those of you saying “keep Orun locked” it’s a one way lock hun. The second those paid transfers are gunna be released the server is going to deflate like a balloon. It’s literally already happened multiple times. And where do u think those toxic players will go?

You clearly know nothing, or very rudimentary information about the server and are acting like you do know everything about it, feeling the need to make your opinion, which matters just as much as ours at the moment (hint: it doesn’t) known to people who could give less of a s* then the devs.

Only 5 days left in the month and the March update hasn’t been released yet…it will probably drop between Monday and Wednesday. If the servers haven’t been unlocked at this point they never will. For what it’s worth check out Ashes of Creation…it’s still a ways away from being fully released but it might be the MMO we can play with our friends and guild mates in the future.

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So the patch dropped…Pluto ended up getting locked…makes sense. Orun never went over 1300 and remains locked…makes NO sense. This is torture at this point. Hopefully after this weekend Orun will be unlocked because I guarantee it will not get the numbers that Pluto did. Madness…