Very disappointing that Orun isn’t unlocked. I mean we had a successful day, it was fun there were alot of ppl online and the trade post was moving like a river instead of the trickle it’s been. But damn wish we could be a full server again with a que. That’s why I joined Orun, was FOR the que, cause that meant that the people playing WANTED to play and not just log in, do CDs and log off.

and pluto is now unlocked?

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Yeah unlock Orun I am stuck on a no population server and can’t play with friends. If it doesn’t unlock soon I’m just going to stop playing again, there is no point. The server I’m on literally has no economy at all.

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@Kay please unlock the server!

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Nope ,you chased players away …now sit there all alone and watch hemp grow.


I did nothing, maybe you chased the players away and then left. blaming the action of a few on an entire server just makes u sound immature. js.

Now that the prophecy made in the dev cast of this update bringing “12 hour queues” has not come true, can AGS admit that keeping servers locked is a bad idea?

People left Orun that wanted a less competitive experience, and then the server was locked and is going to be left locked until it rots away like Eden. Servers will naturally even out in player base if AGS doesn’t try to meddle and mess with the numbers.


It looks like US East servers have been unlocked…

All at once… as if it wasn’t an automated process, and someone manually opened them…

Why would they unlock Transfers and not Character Creation??? So the server is too full to create a new character but transfers are ok? I’m lost…

Has anybody actually been able to transfer since they unlocked it?

Now they need to unlock new Character Creation. That’s what I’ve been waiting for this entire time. What a disaster this is.

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