Unlock servers plz

Seriously. Dont wait till the march update when players will be coming back. Do it now for the players who have been playing during the downtime so we can play with who we want to before the masses rush back


Please amazon im begging you. this x1000. You can have all the content updates in the world but If i cant play with my friends, which is what makes this game great, I cannot enjoy playing this game any longer. PLEASE. HELP US


We probably have 3 weeks till we get an actually content update so players aren’t going rushing to play the game I can promise you that, player numbers should just keep declining and I would like to play with my friends and not on a dying server for %80-%90 of the month, just to have this cycle repeated again and lose players shortly after they don’t enjoy your update.

Please unlock the servers until at least the next update, if all servers were unlocked at the same time players could choose between multiple servers that have decent player base (no server is actually full) this shouldn’t make a server fill up instantly and players can then have time to make it to servers where they want to be with their friends.

@Luxendra @TrevzorFTW
Please help us, these post have been popping up more and more each day because we the players that still play and support your game don’t want to play on dying locked servers. You’re driving your very few players you have left away by not allowing them to play with their friends and continue to let servers lose population till they eventually die. RIP Eden you were miss treated and killed by AGS.


Unlock the servers please. Learn from what happened to Eden.


bump. because this is actually relevant.


I couldn’t agree more I had 4 buddies planning to join with me since we have been split during the great wait for a 2nd token. 2 of them were able to get over to Orun but the other two didn’t transfer day one and it locked splitting our group once again. I truly don’t understand how they operate Orun has already stabilized to under 1200 population. It no longer has the 1400 queues that were prominent the first weekend after the transfers. It seems also a server lock becomes a slow death sentence for the server.


I agree with this as well. A lot of servers are evening out and going to medium or low. Some of us miss playing with our friends in the server merges. Could the devs please open them all up again?

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I understand the mechanic behind locking servers. But i think you could remove that if you put transfer tokens in the store at a reasonable price and with a cooldown. The first free transfer token that we got was necessary, New World team didn’t evaluate correctly the amount of player that buys New World and the first token was a mea culpa to that mistake. The second one was probably a gift for being patient about the February patch and no new content coming.

Now players got their chance to position themselves on the rightful server for them.

Now it’s time for players to take their responsibility, find the right server and let them make mistakes. What a learn from the last transfer token is that everybody was thriving for pvp and fight against the best. The downside of that is that player realize that they were not at the level that they think. That a sometime they like a medium population to keep gathering when they want. In some case they even realize that even on the server they chose the competition wasn’t there.

Buying transfert token solve those problems,
1-Player who didn’t get the chance to gather all their friend on the same server can now repair their mistake.

2-PvP player can seek new challenge

3-It would bring fresh blood to every server

4-A player who reduces its playtime can find a server where the gameplay is more appropriate

5-The economy of every server will stabilize and reduce the inflation so everyone can keep up.

6-When a server if full and there’s a cooldown that people don’t want to wait they could transfert to the server less populate.

The cooldown on the transfer token is, in my opinion, necessary. 30 days or 45 days would be the perfect time, in my opinion.

English language is not my native language and it’s the reason why i came to that idea. I’m a French Canadian, we play on us-east, we are not a majority on any server and we need to make a Facebook group to coordinate ourselves about where we go so we can play in our native language. Unfortunately, my guess wasn’t good and i went to orun when the majority of French Canadians went to maramma. This is the reason why i want transfert token, so i can go to maramma since a lot of my friends are there and most of my friend on orun are playing less.

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Im totally agreeing with you. Amazon should have made a server just like in europe with the FR/EN Tag so we can gather and have fun without being harassed as soon as someone can’t read what were talking about. Also noticing that there is around 12 US/EAST server with a very low population. This is killing the player experience and i have been a dedicated player and enjoyed a lot this game but i feel this will come to an end if Amazon don’t etheir raise the players per server and get decent numbers or allow free transfer even if there is queues. I rather wait a little and see something on the market than play with Aby, my desk plant.

We need transfer tokens also. Even if we need to purchase.

we cant play the freakin game if the servers are crowded and unstable.

im glad they locked maramma when it hit 1700 peak hours. Yall were going crazy over it.

What happened to Eden was horrible.


maramma crowd won’t last, look at orun. Once the big compagnie hold the territory population will decline. I think we need a constant rotation between server. On servers where the population is stable, it gets harder and harder to recruit new players to your compagnie. People know each other too much, they don’t want to cause drama or the server become really toxic because people take it personally. Everyone loves the game the first 2-3 weeks after the transfer, there’s competition everywhere, nothing is personal. Giving people the chance to buy transfert token would give that feeling longer. Don’t take it personally about Maramma, it’s just coincidence that my example was that server.


Bump. Let’s keep these threads at the top of the forums till something changes. I will not play your game AGS till I can transfer to the server my friends are at.

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i am okay with swapping people but our highs actually are 2k.

I just found out why they cut off during peak hours. Cause we will have have 2k players returning or recurring.

our zergs have over 500 people running in one direction at any given moment and our opr is always running 3 at a time.

if we could kick out the 200 bots and gold farmers for real players ??? hell yeah dude.

that is why everyone wanna join maramma now. The power vaccum.

we have literally the strongest players from EU east on maramma now. We are always in opr or war.

War happens so much they have streamers who can get a 200-300 audience

it is EXTREMELY great at promotion.
the crowd and drama is welcome cause literally we dont care.
if anything we demand people to fix our boredom. And we talk about things that are actually funny and not weird.

stayed up till 4am talking about the weather with global chat. it turned into a talk about nachos. then limerence.etc.

we have so far the best player retention.
The ones that like each aspect of the game and wanna play for fun come back to chill.

fair enough. Yeah my bad lol.

i hate the server ques and desync mate lol.

i didnt even realize we could hit 2k till the stuttering went from manageable to full on cant see or know what is happening.

But i do want to see more players.
just not at the cost of my experience of gameplay.

the medium ground of 1500 to1700 on without peak hours is perfect to me. But having all 2k fight for positions and dungeons etc is chaos.

Tbh it sucks what happen to eden.

and valhalla.
never in a million years did i think they would die . Never.

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AGS, with all due respect, I just want to reiterate, UNLOCK THE DYING SERVERS.

You literally killed Eden last time because you never unlocked it and everyone had to transfer off. Now Orun is barely hitting 1k peak players and the same thing is happening again. A bunch of companies are still missing half their members as well. How hard is it to open the server, even for a few days…


Yeah here are the numbers right now…less than 900 on Orun…

BUMP so we keep this in front of the devs.

bump for unlocking servers / server merges

bump, any updates here?