Unlock the server transfer plz, Honestly

How many have friend that have transferred on their server to play together, but now are stuck on a dead server?

Just give another free transfer token or simply allow us to buy to transfer server with a 1month CD.

Look at GW2, the population is healthy with this system.

It’s hard to keep the boys entertained when you play on dead server and half of your company already spent their token. We are just losing players with that thing that you can easy fix.


I think this is the right stop gap solution. I mean, it’s great they are doing mergers. But, to stop the interim bleeding, just let people transfer. I don’t quite understand their reasoning behind most things.

Oh…and I play GW2 and accidentally created a character on an EU server because a couple years ago, a friend was going to play, but ended up not doing so. So, a few weeks ago, my character creation was automatically on EU. By the time I discovered this, because I wanted to do a dungeon with someone on NA, I was level 45. I was ready to give up because I didn’t want to start over.

But, literally, this is what happened:. I found out how to do a server transfer. So, I transferred from EU to NA and it literally took FIVE minutes!! Imagine New World had this capability!

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