Unlock Valhalla today

There are two higher pop servers than it on east that arent locked and half my company has been split ever since it was locked weeks ago.




Won’t anyone think of the gold sellers :cry:


:thinking: bouneimian?


Hasn’t it been locked for almost 2 full weeks now? O_O

yes it has, could you imagine if some of your company swapped and then got seperated for over 2 weeks!? your company couldnt do any of the war or pve content they enjoy on either server! it would kill the motivation to play the game. i feel so bad for anyone in a position like that all because they forgot to flip a switch!!

It has been locked since they opened the first new server, so about 3 weeks now.

Boo boo. Your toxic company did their best to make sure no one on Bounemia could enjoy the game.

  • Blacklisting people from wars and invasions, paying other players to no not sign up for invasions.
  • Sabotaging wars and invasions of companies on your faction whose territory you thought was making too much gold.
  • RMT, selling and buying gold
  • Abusing pretty much every major exploit
  • Mass reporting enemy players and faction leaders
  • Unparalleled toxicity and spam in global and dms

Thought you all quit after you transferred to Maramma, promptly got humbled by -15K + Supple, and left in disgrace. Guess you came crawling back. Planning to go after the new players on fresh start servers?

You weren’t able to compete against real companies then, and you definitely won’t be able to compete now. Stick to kids’ games.


Valhalla has 30+ min wait time right now. 300+ in que, so no thanks.

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There are no higher pop servers that are locked. The 4 locked US East servers are all maxed out right now. Only Eden and Olympus have any room at all and not coincidentally those are the only two where people can create characters.

They are good servers for people starting. Maybe they should leave transfers open, but no new characters under 60 on the other servers.

mad cuz bad

What is your new world name? I have similar complaints about what happened on Bounemia. I was blacklisted from one of their wars. They used me for my strats and left me in the dust.

what company was it? because 15k left for a while also


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