Unlocking servers?

Waited all week for the server transfer’s and now it’s delayed / not here.
I want to play with my friends for two weeks now and starting to get a little bit ‘tired’ of this situation.

Ophir (EU) ‘MID’ and open
Alfheim (EU) ‘MID) and locked

Boft servers are never full, not even at peakhours, in the evenings or the weekends and no queue time.
Always 500-800 extra places for players to play on the server.

Difference between the servers is around 100-200 players online all the time.

It makes no sense.
My friends wont lose many progress if they delete there character now and remake it but they will in a few weeks.

Please unlock Alfheim server so we can play together because this makes no sense and the server is not full.
It doesnt seem to get updated at all?

Do you guys have any information about when the servers gets unlocked again?

There are less people everyday on my server playing also feels like the server is dieying.
I hope New World is not just going to merge servers so they are populated again because I will never be able to play with my friends then…


We don’t have information at the moment about that, once the team have any news all users could check here in the forums or in Twitter.

Also if you have any questions related with that follow this thread:

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