Unmerge the servers please

AGS Please listen. The Orofena server is far too crowded. There are so many people, all the gathering nodes are gone as soon as they appear, nobody is getting into wars because all wars are fought by the elites in each faction. I went to Ohohnoo to have less competition so I could play with my friends. The lower pop servers were always better because they had a more intimate community. The game loses a lot of its charm when the population is so high.

A server only needs 1k people at peak to be adequate for everyones needs.


yeah, mmo with 1k players on server :clown_face:


This map is literally not large enough to meet more that 1k players needs


The majority of my full very active company feels this way.


Im Maramma and liked when it was 1k players. Although wars were so hard facing supple. I still enjoyed competing against the best.

Whatever pop maramma is at now feels great. Content is available, resources are available, wars are winnable.

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Absolutely despise Orofena

Tempted to transfer…but I’m hoping AGS may open another server and give out transfer tokens

Doubt they’ll admit their mistake though…

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Queues are better then dead servers


Its not about the queue. And 1000 peak is far from dead. Its about having an enjoyable time when you are on the game. They would need 4 more territories before 2k peak is passable

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No…not really

Yea, better than a server with 200-300 people…but a server can feel active with a 500 or 600 player peak. For those that like gathering and stuff. This is enough for wars, invasions, and so on.

300-800 player que just feels bad.

(Orofena around 400 que at peak, a SA server hits 800 que at peak)

Imagine a returning player. Coming back…sees a massive que. Ok…it’s more active. Annoying waiting 30 mins to an hour…

Hop in, then it’s filled with bugs and stuff. One of which makes you disconnect. Guess what! Gotta que again.

For us that only gets to play 2 or 3 hours a day…it’s beyond frustrating to deal with.

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I still believe what I believe. I dont care if I can log in when the server is dead and I cant do anything.

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That makes zero sense. What aren’t you able to do on a 1k peak? You are more likely to get into wars, more likely to get a declare, more likely to find untapped nodes.

This is about Orofena. The servers merged were 1.2k each at peak. They didn’t need to be merged and it has made the game worse for doing it

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Because of the merges, I now have a living server. My server is still recovering from before the merges. half the map still doesn’t have T5 tables.

OPR used to never pop. 3v3 Arenas didnt exist.

I dont care if I have to wait in a queue, cause my server lives now.


But your title is broad calling for all servers. Thats why I felt like you were talking all.

If you read past the title you would see that its for Orofena

I am in the opposite camp, my server Ohonoo was dying. The numbers were getting lower and lower since people kept transferring away. And now Orofena is thriving.

I have to gather things a little differently than before, but i’m still able to get everything i need. There just aren’t “completely empty areas” anymore.

All in all everything else is better, market, opr, 3v3 ect. Wars i guess might be different if your company isn’t extremely competitive but i have my own opinion on how they could fix that.

I’m sorry you aren’t having a good time on orofena though :frowning:

I read the entire post.

The body felt like a justification for undoing all of the server merges. Knowing that isn’t the case, I can say, I feel different cause your server pops shouldn’t have been merged.

Ohonoo was peaking at about 500-600 people and getting lower every week, everyone was transferring to maramma and orofena already. I can see why they did it.

With that being said, with the update right around the corner, things might have gone differently. Who knows :x


Agreed. Orofena is a cluster fk and now Maramma 2.0. I shouldn’t have to keep xferring servers because of AGS’s incompetency. I’m sure they are fine with it for the $$$ though.

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Its not thriving though, it’s crowded. AGS should have at least given people the option. If I want to be on a 1k peak server I should be able to. I moved to Ohonoo purposely to get away from a crowded Valhalla. Then 2 weeks later I am back on a crowded server. I wasted a token to move to a server with a queue when I just got away from one.

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I was really behind the idea of them having an extra server on every node just for overflow, and people who want a less crowded server. They should give everyone a free token for this. (possibly even a server cap of 1000-1200 or something to prevent major upsets.)