Unobtainable Legendary Mats

So when are the Legendary mats with the description “Derived from Humanoid Creatures, Rare (Zone Level 45+)” going to be added to the game? My company has several legendary schematics which we can’t craft which are arguably BIS for each class. In the beginning we just figured it was extremely rare as nobody has found any of such material, but since have deducted that they’re just not in the game as we have 1000s of legendary mats, just none from “Humanoid Creatures.”

An example of these items are the “Life Crystal Core” “Etched Handguard” “Runic Thread” (Which runic thread is required to make light voidbent armor). Any questions I’ll try my best to respond below.

TLDR; Can’t craft end game items cause stuff not in game.

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