Unplug the game and remake please

This game has a lot bugs and expoits. Everyone posted a lot of exploits and bugs even devs dont act fast and let people use them. People used and abused them a lot. Us, the innocents has to follow behind and watch them rule the servers. This really sucks. I think you should READ all the problems in here and unplug this game for whatever it takes to solve them all. We are fed up to see people getting richer and better even they play less than us by just using the bugs and exploits. This is Amazon’s first game, it will be fun they said… but it is not. If you keep acting like this, you will lose a lot of player and reputation in gaming industry.


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Sprich bitte nur für Dich, nicht für “alle”.

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When they did that last time they killed the game completely instead of fixing it…

Final Fantasy Online

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