Unpopular opinion: A Large Scale PvP Mode like WvW from Guildwars2 and Cyrodil from ESO, would do wonders in New World

Port of my post from the Subr

I know its taboo in the New World MMO community to request things from other MMO competitors.

But come on AGS! A WvW like game mode with cross server faction battles would be awesome for New World. We could have Siege battles and turrets like Invasions have. But the player cap could be much higher in the mode with lots of smaller objectives and big siege battles mixed in. 3 way faction wars.

The game still needs some performance enhancements, but once AGS gets that worked out, they definitely :+1: should consider a WvW/Cyrodil like game mode. This mode would be more focused on Faction vs Faction Vs Faction, instead of being Company based like the current PvP/PvE Invasions.

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