Unpopular Opinion I guess, Open World PVP

Open world PVP should be limited to 5 levels up or down. Take a leaf out of Runescape’s book and their wilderness zone, it is unfun to be 1 shot by a level 40 when you are level 20. I was flamed on my server when I said this, but honestly, IMO, for the health of the game this should eventually be utilized.

“Turn PVP off,” should never be the answer.

They had a Sync option, that was wonderful. However, it got disabled earlier on. Which was one of the worst decisions I believe Amazon made when it has come to PVP.

However, that not being in the past. I don’t believe this will fly. You will always have your people, who target low levels or bring two or three people to hunt a single flagged person. This is the nature of PVP.


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Yea, I totally understand your point mate. There is no perfect system. But, honestly, I am more ok with being ganked by an army of people within 5 levels of mine vs one person who just 1 shots me. Their attack was planned while his would be opportunistic, and almost toxic just in nature.

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