Unrecoverable error

loaded up the game this morning after pre-ordering it on the 16th of April to get a unrecoverable error saying no product information found, cannot initialize game.

does anyone know how to fix this ?

Yeah I had this all morning.

A system restart fixed it for me so I could log on. Then after 5 minutes logged in it would boot me off. After a few attempts I realised this was never going to let me in with the 2k+ ques.

So I disabled IPV6 and it’s now working shame im still in a que of 3k+… would have been nice if I had known this before… been up since 6:30…

i have restarted my pc 4 times and vertilised the game 3 times now but it still is coming up with the same crap, kinda a pain wouldnt expect this from a multi trillion dollor company

Try disabling IPV6 - my steam was messing around with it on. I think it’s just steam not recognising the game correctly. I was booting the game up as soon as it restarted via the desktop icon like I was trying to not give steam any time to mess up.

omg thank you guys so much it has been fixed you guys are so helpful thank you honestly

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i got ipv6 disabled, easyanticheat service is in auto mode, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but still nothing works, any more help please?

Someone said that Windows Reboot helps… so I guess I also need to reinstall Windows

I’m still getting the issue after going through these steps. So the assumption is that I have a build of windows 10 that is not stable. Insider preview build? Like a review copy of a windows update? I just have regular windows10

IPv6 off do not help to me too.
It happened on Wednesday but not on Thursday, on Friday it here again.

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