Unscheduled maintenance (Aquila)?

EU-Central, Aquila is under maintenance? just got kicked out and cannot log back


Same for me.

yup just happened

Not the first time it happened.



Devour caught duping again confirmed?

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they have to be trolling us again, this isin’t the first time it happened… Didn’t even let us know… AGAIN…

Bump, Still Maint No Announcements

Kay mentioned a while ago (below) when there are no maintenance announcements, it’s very likely a server crash/restart.

100% there wont be one xD just gonna come back online and no ones knows why and what the reason was

This is the second time that Aquila went into maintenance without notice, not ideal. Can we get an eta update so i can go make tea please. :slight_smile:

Hello there @DaToothKid thanks for creating this thread!

Here we have the server status for UE-Central! Hope this helps!


This will be updated once the updates are done!

See you in Aeternum!

Yep still down

and why is it on maintenance ?

Greens are Attacking servers now smh

Jeff Bezos joined Devour so he made map yellow again - needs restart you know

This time they are restarting the server before war, last time it was right as the war was starting. I want my Malevolence key back!

Server back up I think :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update, would kindly share what was the issue?

It is quite interesting that there is always something on this server!
It may not be a coincidence!

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