Unused music sheets

Some music sheets sell so low in price that you have to drop them because they have no use since you only need 1 of each.

Please lower the drop rate of the more common ones and make a recipe that you can use 10 or so and create a music sheet box to get one at random.



maybe atleast make them salvage for like a few fiber or something allow some of these items in the game that people dont want that end up wanting to drop them not drop them just salvage even housing items maybe some housing decor salvaged thats found can net you some wood or stone or things to be used elsewhere

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Yes please! I get so tired of leaving bags all over the place from the music sheets that ive gotten 60 or 70 times.

I would also like to see a more visual representation in my inventory with recipes and music sheets that i havent learned as opposed to it saying already learned that way i can just see a music sheet or recipe glow showing that i havent learned it yet

Let us salvage the music sheets and the food recipes!


Hello hello! Thank you for your feedback, I’ll pass it along to the Development team to review. :slight_smile:

furnishing schematics used to salvage into like 1-4 fiber. it wasn’t much, but certainly better than having to drop them to get rid of them. this would be great for all those paper products.


It could give 1 Paper for Crafting hehe just saying :slight_smile:

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