Unwanted / Wrong behaviours - Weapon Swap, use of consumables, and dodges

Canceling would solve lof of current issues but also would create some new ones. And queue system with out priorities we already had and it was horrible.

So only good solution imho would be queue system but with priorities and option that some actions like dodge result in removing anything else from queue. So we wont do action A, Action B and then dodge. Dodge should clean up what is already in q. And some other action to.

I wasn’t talking about not having priorities, but altering them.

IMHO If I press the swap button key, the game should always swap the weapon. And If you press the potion or consumable button the game should always use that potion or consumable (and it should use it lightning fast). As the top priority.

And of course, consumable animation must not prevent, your ability to dodge. So fucking stupid behaviour.

I would agree with dodge that it should be executed as fast as possible. But i have different opinion about potion. ITs normal situation that you want to pot while animatio nlocked but you lose hp so fast that you chose to dodge out of enemy range.

I would love to use the potion, dodge and stay thinking on my next skills on both weapons before & after weapon swap without having to press the key multiple time because it fails 5 out of 10 times. I don’t want to have to stop, and being forced to play slow. Because I’m faster. I want a fastest as possible combat action game. That would be SUPREME.

No it’s not. Stop spamming your attacks, and commit.

Deja Vu from launch.

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Except all those issues were “fixed” and some how crept back into the game and now probably won’t ever get fixed since the devs hardly play their own game.


Simply saying state of pvp right now is the worst trash since i’ve seen from lunch. I mean ofc overall not just things said here.

This. Combat was fixed in 1 patch and was really really good after that patch. But since then we had few patches and somehow each of them was adding/restoring more and more combat related bugs.

@Luxendra when next fixing patch?

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The combat wasn’t fixed. It was just amended.
It dramatically improved when they tweaked the input buffering in the 1.3.4 version.
But… there’s still a lot of work to do to be an acceptable pvp game.
Current state is unacceptable.
Weapon swaps are unreliable, error prone.
Light attacks prevents the use of Consumables
The animation of using consumables prevent doing dodges.
Combat controls are too rigid / archaic.
Locking you into the ground for almost every skill.
Slowing down your movement speed on every hit.
All these things ruin the combat experience.

Yea it wasnt perfect then, but was acceptable.
Right now comabt is at state you described. It is a mess.


This. I often feel more “floaty”/ice skating.

CC animations against my character seem to be more pronounced

They shadow nerfed potions for the arrival for the new pots. The animations take longer and cannot be interrupted by dodge.

you want to weapon swap while in the middle of a swing? Absolutely not. That’s ridiculous. This game already suffered from action canceling because players couldn’t be punished if they committed to a swing, which made it even harder for a Tank to do their damn job, which is peeling.

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YES. I want them to improve the combat experience.
Weapon swaps MUST be fast, and reliable.
Now it’s not.

okay so im not fking crazy, also using abilties can’t be used during them as well too. i had a feeling the did this to encourage using the auto use potions. just another dumb change added to the list making combat feel like a joke.

You’re not improving anything but further pushing the balance from an already lopsided form into an even extreme end. God no. I better see some seriously strong CC for Tanks if that’s the case.

This would be so OP like imagine you’re shockwaving with a hammer then mid animation you swap to a great axe to throw a gravity well while being mid air… Or you charge with your axe and swap to hammer to do a super speed shockwave.

I think weapon swap canceling auto attacks like how dodge & block does it makes sense. But anything else would just make combat too easy. There are already very few actions you actually have to commit to and I’m having a hard time seeing how removing all of them would be a good thing.

And yeah this is for the same reason why healing in dark souls has an animation too and can’t be canceled. Otherwise you’d be able to heal while being stunned. Actions needs to have some of commitment otherwise there’s no risk to anything and combat would feel even more unbalanced.



I get it’s frustrating sometimes when you want to swap weapons and you can’t but when you think about it it’s there for a reason. Now on the other hand when you can’t swap weapons because of server lag/desync… now that’s really frustrating.

If you don’t want player animations then go play a text based game, a TTRPG or a turn based RPG/strategy game.

Why are you even here in the first place? You don’t seem to enjoy action combat at all. Or maybe you’re used to single player RPG games where you can open your menu to pause the game and then use any type of consumable while the world wait for you? Sorry to say this but this is not Skyrim or Dragons Dogma. This is an online MMO with action combat.

Yeah combat would be insane, like imagine just being able to cancel all heavy greatsword attacks mid animation to double your attack speed and dps…
Would make the faster melee weapons like hatchet and rapier kinda pointless (among other things).

yeah CC’s are already a joke since people swap to rapier/hatchet and are able to break any CC with riposte/berserk (unless the riposte exploit thing was fixed already?)

I’ve said this before but it really do feel like theres at least 2 different teams working on New World and that they are working on different versions of the game (which is fine and normal I’d assume for game development?). But it also feels like the communication/workflow between the teams are kinda poor… Maybe it’s just my imagination though? But I mean how would old bugs & exploits otherwise come back every other update or so?

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