Upcoming Expedition Queue system idea

Perhaps you already have this in mind, I would like to be able to select any quest where I need help with, have it post on the queue screen so others see it and can auto join my group

For instance. If I have a quest that takes place in Myrk where I really need a group, I can post that quest and if others also need to complete it they can join me.

This would keep spam off the chat channel and I can go about my business while I wait

Another feature could be that you can specify an amount of gold you would be willing to pay to get help. People viewing the queue screen who are looking to do something different, may see they can also make some money as well.
This would also eleviate manually doing a trade with each participant which can get awkward

Expeditions should be on a separate tab from quests

That would be pretty neat I think this could be done through the dungeon finder they are adding tho you just right down the quest you want to do

Its a great idea.

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