Upcoming patch Light Armor 10 % Healing Buff and Heavy Armor 20 % Healing Nerf

So why do i still read on forums people asking for 20 % Healing Malus for Heavy Armor since its will already be effective in the next update ?

Healing will get a general 20 % nerf nerfing Heavy Armor since it will get zero bonus while Light Armor will get 30 % bonus Healing Bonus wich is a 10 % Bonus Healing after the update.

As a Paladin (Tank/Healer) using ‘ONLY’ swordnshield/Life Staff i’m okay with the 20 % healing nerf on heavy armor (even if i would have prefered a sacred ground nerf instead) BUT no more nerfing after that !
Equiping swordnshield + life staff make me a Tank or a Healer ! just like Paladins in neverwinter and wow.

If they keep getting nerfing Heavy armor healing to the point i can no more be the main healer as Paladin i will just quit the game , my goal by equiping sword/life was to be a full support Tank/Healer i’m not interested with other combinaison role !

In new world you can have two role by equiping weapons … and i like being tank/healer as other people might prefer to be healer/dps or other people tank/dps , Yes i have insane survivability as Tank/Healer but ZERO DAMAGE ! and as i said i rather get a sacred ground nerfing than a general healing nerfing wich will just kill PVE more …

EDIT : Dev Team should also heavily work on anti healing skills for PVP (improving them or adding new one) that will counter Heavy Armor Healer in PVP without destroying them for PVE.

you have 0 damage partly because gems dont even work, and the nerfs are for pvp because in pvp being able to stand in a circle and soak 5 other players damage is unbalanced.


Well, sacred ground, beacon and orb of protection all got a roughly 20% nerf to their scaling in the PTR.

Then they should have nerfed healing in a way as to only affect PvP. Give more options for applying disease to reduce healing instead of doing it this way where everyone in PvE comes out as a loser.

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They could of just applied it to heavy armor instead of going ham on the life staff skills, which fair few still need fixed. Seems kind of half arsed if you ask me.

in proper ags fashion, they over fix issues. not only reduce healing, they buffed disease hatchet AND introduced void gauntlet which i believe counters heaving healing as well

but they have also buffed lifesteal so im sute it will be fine

Yeah improving or adding better anti healing skill to weapon in PVP , a skill that extend the CD of skills , silence ect … there is tons a things to do in PVP to improve it , without killing Healing in PVE.

The healing nerf for skills scales well. The healing buff for light armor scales extremely poorly - it is not a 30% increase in the way that 30% skill healing is, far from it.

I spent dozens of hours and thousands of coin to get my heavy armor healing set finally where I want it with perks, stats, etc and now its gonna be trash…? Fuck this game.


There is no such thing as a Paladin in this game.

If you’re wearing Heavy Armor, you shouldn’t be holding a staff.

Paladins don’t use staves!!!

Ok then answer me this:

When you are tanking, do switch your sword and shield to lifestaff to heal yourself?

If you want to be able to wear heavy armor and heal team when you’re not tanking then why would you wear heavy armor? What is preventing you from carrying a light armor set and a heavy armor set and switching between them?

You CAN heal while wearing heavy armor, it just wont get the bonus to healing…but any points spent on focus will still increase your base heal capability. There are perks that increase outgoing healing too.

The ability to change your weapon in this game is not so you can completely swap roles and fulfill them both at 100%. Its so that you have a PRIMARY weapon that is supplemented/backed up by the abilities of a secondary weapon.

Musket would be a primary weapon and sword/shield a secondary… does this mean the musket user needs be crying he loses 20% damage by wearing heavy armor OR that he loses out on all the heavy armor protection when he swaps to sword and shield? No. If he is musket primary and wears light armor he will be using sword and shield to block and be more survivable when something gets in melee range of him.

Well we can do it since the begininng of the game , so your message doesnt make any sense … being able to play the role of any weapon you equip with any armor equipped is the definition of new world. (Unless they change their whole game concept.)

Do Paladins in neverwinter and WOW switch to light armor when they heal ? Nop ! so it is in New world.

Do a light armor healer can take the aggro from mobs when the main tank lose aggro to avoid a wipe ? Nop !

Do Heavy armor Healer have the mobility of a light armor healer and a better Heals than the light Healer ? Nop !

They have both different playstyle ! and my style is to be able to tank or heal in heavy armor. just like my friend that prefer to be able to heal or DPS in light armor…
Being able to tank and heal have a HUGE cost as i can’t do any big damage all my points goes to focus and con.
But i’m extremely usefull for dungeon as a full suppport build can be main healer , main tank , off heal or off tank you have everything a support can offer except Damage !

There is not much full support build on my server same for the paladin in neverwinter (wich is one of the less played class) cause he can only heal or tank (he dont have a dps stance)

In New World you are a healer wearing Heavy Armor with little to no consequence.

Healer in nearly any game is a light armored spellcaster.

Paladins don’t use staves.

Therefore you’re not a Paladin. You’re a healer wearing Heavy Armor.

Says who?

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So every other weapon can wear heavy but healers why?

In other games rangers use medium

Warriors use heavy but in this game can wear medium and light.

Mages use light but can use heavy and medium

Why can everyone else break the mold but lifestaff users? We give up mobility for tanky stats and do no real damage. What do you mean no consequences?

A great axe/hammer user can legit use a lifestaff offhand and suffer no consequence while being specced for strength.

who cares, when the OPR buffs on top of heavy armor makes you hard to kill.
all the healing nerf is doing, is nerfing healing for PvE.

I guess you’re a healer?

Try taking a healer out while you’re a tank or dps…

Then you’ll see the frustration…

It ain’t impossible… but it takes a lot effort.

As it should.

I played fire staff, ice gaunt, bow, spear and lifestaff. It seems like people just want a class of weapon to roll over and die or be easily killed for their entertainment.


See, the problem here is you keep comparing this game to another game being a “paladin.”

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As it should? :sweat_smile::joy::joy:

Healers should be able to be downed in a reasonable time, and then the apposing team can focus the DPS.

Having a healer that tanks… what is the purpose of a tank?

Being cc’d with no diminishing returns usually means death. When the meta is hammers and great axes you are telling me you can’t kill healers? Or are you referring to duels?

Tanks have mitigation tools that’s what makes them tanks traditionally. However, tanks are useless without a healer since they have no sustain. A tank in essence survives longer with RAW values meaning they have tools that make them take less damage and survive. No other weapon class can out tank a sword and shield without healing.