Upcoming Update Not Mentioned

So I see an update is starting on my US East Server in 30 minutes. It says to go to the forums for more info. THERE IS NO POST BY THE COMPANY ABOUT THIS UPDATE!!! How long will it take to complete? I know there are patch notes on other sites on what is being changed, but come on? Who is in charge of company communication?

I could be wrong but:


Aah now you made the work for him.

The patch notes came out hours ago, calm down spaz they’re going to fix a bunch of stuff

Yeah [Downtime] New World Update 1.0.5

Posted 10hours ago

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Damn it, why is this one not pinned!!!

Its…one of the top posts on the Dev Tracker…


Come on buddy.

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Still no fix for boss spawn at the top of Malevelence!!! UGH

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