Update 1.3 and state of the game

I actually didn’t want to do another feedback topic, but here we go.

Devs, Managers (?!), the new update was - another disaster. A disaster that people called - because everybody knows that you did not learn from past mistakes. What the game needed and needs are bug fixes, bug fixes and bug fixes. With bug fixes I don’t mean rare edge cases that occur 1 in 10000 times for one player on some shitty low pop server (no offense). Bug fixes mean, fix the non-functioning (not to say broken) core mechanics of this game. Fix your - sorry - crappy net code.
Yes, new content is important. To be very honest: the mutations are fun and a nice change of pace to the normal braindead dungeon grind. Nobody will deny you did a good job on that. However, what happened was this:

A three page long list of known issues that came with the patch. As if this game didn’t have enough issues already.
Players who were dumb enough to log in yesterday noticed game breaking and utmost annoying new bugs within the first 30 seconds of being online. Some of them were old bugs you fixed already (elite chests, dungeon chests).

There are questions in the room: do you even have QA? Do you even test your releases? Is your management blind and unknowing about how to deal with SW releases? Do you even have a test instance that is a 1:1 mirror of your prod/live instance? Why is it, that players on live servers are noticing these fundamentally broken core-mechanics after each patch? How will you ensure that this won’t happen again?

Having bugs in new releases is not bad - it’s pretty normal. But these are usually edge cases and not things that scream in your face “IM A BUG, FIX ME”.

It’s been said thousands of times: this game has a shit ton of potential and you still have a decently large player base who like this game enough to stick around regardless of these disasters. You should really come up with measures (no, you don’t have to tell everyone what these measures are) to prevent things like that from happening. You must focus on bug fixes now and you must ensure you don’t break more stuff.

Good luck with that.

Just noticed, that your “fix” reset the Azoth travel costs to pre-patch level. Well done, going good…

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