"[Update] Adding Additional Servers to US-West, US-East, Central Europe, and Australia" - There will be no new (transfers closed) servers when Brimstone launches?


Does the announcement about new servers mean that there will not be completely new/fresh servers with closed character transfers at the launch of Brimstone?

My friends and I were really looking forward to starting it all over again (despite about everyone having “end game characters”), as there are a lot of other positive things that have happened to the game since the new addition compared to the beginning this time last year.

In my opinion, not implementing these servers would be a huge negative on the part of the developers.

They have said a few times that they will have more information about fresh start servers very soon. It was even mentioned in the developer video. It doesn’t make sense to open fresh start servers right now before they push the new starting experience. All the players that play between now and that update will miss out on a big part of what they worked on. I’m sure if they do fresh start they want the new experience in place first.


First of all, thank you for your reply!

I completely agree that while the updates that come with Brimstone Sands will not be added to the game, such as the new leveling, there is little point in having new servers (other than to serve the increased player base).

The part that is unclear to me is whether these new servers were referred to in the dev video? Or are the all new transfer locked servers coming with Brimstone are a completely different topic from these?

Separate. Fresh start is still coming.



That is very good to hear. Thank you for the information!

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Fresh Start and New Servers are two different things. They are continuing to launch new servers you can transfer to with existing characters. Those are New Servers.

Fresh Start servers which was specifically mentioned is a server that you can only create a new character on. You have no way to bring your power or wealth with you. So everyone starts out day one on a fresh server with no established ownership and trace of historic impact from exploiters and dupers. Its a totally clean slate.

Thank you for your reply!

New “old” servers :stuck_out_tongue:

Omg yes! Thank you for the post. Was looking for some confirmation for some time now. Keep on waiting bois, soon we gonna be home!

Coming but they didin’t tell if with brimstone or in next year after 26-60 revamp

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