Update Community More When Features are Disabled

A eta cannot be established to when something is gonna be fixed or re-enabled as they have to track down what is causing the issue in the coding.

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@AtomicHokage simple things like mentioning if this down time will include a patch or not, will eliminate questions.
Mentioning that they plan on releasing a weekly patch later this week if everything goes well is helpful to players.
Mentioning that merges will be slow at first or all at once can help companies determine if they need to transfer before they lose more members.
The more information they can provide, eliminates further questions, by not having patch notes on the forums for the ptr players posted numerous bugs multiple times that the devs were already well aware of.
The reason for my post is not to be harsh, but it is to help the game stay as populated and active as possible.
Updates and approximations are what keep players hopeful and active.
Silence creates opportunities for people to spend their time elsewhere and the snowball effect occurs.

News | New World This site usually has patch notes, not everyone bothers going to the main new world site though, so adding the patch notes here could eliminate that.

Speaking of other issues that you should have information on, is the arcana gear score fix and crafting component drop fix part of this patch today, part of the November update, or part of an update after the November update?

The rest of it will probably be mentioned I’m not saying for sure as the next update hasn’t been released yet from the ptr.

I didn’t take your post as harsh, just was saying eta’s cannot be established as the bug has to be tracked in the coding and tested before patching it, sure they could say tomorrow that would not stop people from coming to the forums and blowing up the forums with you said tomorrow and now you are delaying it again just enable it and ban those doing this or this.

Not that I should have to re-explained what I explained above, but let me break it down.

Anything added on that site is already also added on the forums. I am not talking about that.
When they launched the PTR server, the goal is for players to test it, find bugs and give feedback right?
Well, when they did that, there were already many known bugs that were not resolved and there were many changes that they did that were not known.
So players posted numerous times on the forums, “I found this bug doing this” and community managers had to reply saying “thanks, this is a known issue”, but it was repeatable done

Additionally, players were to give feedback on the changes, but that post you linked, did not have any specific changes to weapons or things that occurred. So what players did, is started data diving and trying to parse the game files to determine what changes were made, then making numerous posts on what changes they believe to have been made, then compiling those posts into a master list. All to just give feedback on the changes.

Do you see how that can be easily eliminated? By just posting some patch notes, something that might take 3 hours to write up, would eliminate a hundred hours of forum posts as well as community managers wasting their time reading it.

Also to note, those players that are spending tens of hours parsing through the data and compiling changes that were made, are the best types of testers for a game. I believe that if they to continue to do that, they are just going to quit and thus New World loses out on some of the best testers available.

no imagine them not meeting a timeline they promised? ppl will go apeshit lol

I would rather have a timeline or roadmap than nothing at all, Ive mentioned the can’t use global or recruitment chat after expeditions for me and my friends and haven’t had any feedback on it. He is right on we would rather see things and have a nice ETA rather than nothing. Silence leads to more anger than a missed ETA and then an update saying woops this was bigger than we thought would. I havent played since the trading post went down because it gets me aggravated to get in the game with a goal in mind and now I cant play it the way I want to. We need to see what is going on in the minds of new world employees to see if our problems or concerns are even being worked on and not just a simple yeah we know this is a problem or ignoring peoples posts.

Just give us a roadmap or a timeline on what we can expect. If you don’t think you can meet it just adjust the time but we all know if you are working on it or not. I believe they are just worried that people will call them out on their BS when they don’t prioritize some stuff so they would rather ignore it and pretend they are working on all of this.

This is my 2 cents on the state of things.

I never said “Promise”.
I believe they already do an excellent job as far as providing a roadmap, a perfect example is this well written post by @Luxendra

I am referring more to providing updates, timeline, and more details when they do actually make changes. It seems AGS is great at outlining all that they want to do, but really bad at providing details when they do it.
Just more details, that is all that I am saying, not asking for them to make promises.

I’ve put 600+ hours into this game, and probably will put more. I know that it is not perfect there is tons of crap, that was mentioned 1000 times on these forums and on Reddit. But such bad communications simply kill me. After I saw that there was no communication for 18h on a major issue the only feeling I had is to alt+f4 and move on. I guess NW won’t survive one more exploit incident.

My 2 cents in this grim times :smiley:

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The message that displays when trying to place something on the trading post when it is turned off is garbage and makes no sense. It reads like too many people are trying to use the post and to wait and try again. This is misleading and frustrating. I should not have to exit the game and go look up on the forums to find the trading post has been disabled.

The ingame message should just say that trading has been disabled. Not some cryptic error message which tells me nothing. Please use some common sense when creating error messages. When I code error messages, I make sure they are clear and to the point so as to not waste anyone’s time.

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Quite funny reading the forums and people saying “going to quit” because they haven’t fixed the issue in less than the time it takes to make a coffee.

Why bother? Good ol’ Jeff B already has your money. Given that there is no monthly subscription, the only way you can get any revenge, any sense of “justice” would be to carry on playing and force him the keep the lights on and the servers running…which all cost him money.

The site I mentioned was more or less just a place to get news about the updates being made for the main game outside of ptr.

I get what you are saying but realistically they can never give an eta on something.

The threads on the same issue can be easily solved by merging the topic into one of the other posts that go hand in hand.

A quick look in the ptr showed this as well #public-test-realm they have a post on weapon changes.

a little outdate could use an update which goes into what you are trying to have them do is just a new update on details of what has changed so people don’t have to go through that length of finding out what changed from last time to now.

Even when you have no information to share; an update for the community saying so would be helpful. Going 24 hours without even an inkling of communication during an outage, just isn’t the customer service that many would like. We as the consumer of a product you produce, are just asking for communication to be a priority…

Something that I found interesting is that they actually didn’t fix the furniture duping glitch at all; they just simply put a Band-Aid on it for the next patch by making them untradeable. That’s understandable though - I would rather have them do that and lift the wealth transfer

An ETA doesn’t have to be the time or even what day. It just has to be the order and the current plan. When they say something like “you will not be able to transfer from a merged server” well then people need to know a) how many players are going to be merged b) how long do we have to decide between server transferring or waiting for a merge.
It is pretty simple to say, we are planning to do a patch, then November update and then merges, without providing a date.

A known issue bug list is pretty much mandatory if you want the ptr to actually be something that people use to test issues.
It is pretty simple to have a known bug tracker, I can make one on Google sheets and make it viewable, but locked.

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some games I’ve played have notes featured when you log in on the chat tab. That could be useful.

Exactly and it even simple information is beneficial.
For example saying, “we don’t know how long this will take, but as soon as we have a fix we will launch it even if it is mid-day. We are going to have a bug-fix patch separate with no eta”

That is the kinda no information I would like to receive.

Additional information that is helpful for expectations would be things that are assumed but not known.
For example, “the next patch will just be bug fixes before the November release. We have not made any final decisions on the November patch notes so don’t worry if you disagree with some of the changes as not all the changes will be going live.”

These types of things eliminate so many questions,
People allocating their little free time to play only to find out a couple hours before that the game will be down.
People quitting because they overheard some change that they don’t even know if it is going to go live.
People server transferring because they are freaking out they are going to be locked on a merged server with only an extra couple hundred people.

Information doesn’t have to be exact and doesn’t have to be certain. It just has to provide some insight so people can make proper decisions.

This is amazing that they posted this: Known Issues – November Monthly Release (1.1)

Could this be changed into a google sheet or a live link, especially when new known issues will be added and players don’t know that you are aware of the issues unless you reply to each post.
As a google sheet or live tracker, it could be bookmarked and linked with each patch note and the community managers wouldn’t have to reply to the thread of “Known Issues” every time.

Please consider this. @Luxendra @Tosch @NW_Mugsy @TrevzorFTW @Kay

I recently had a bug where I lost 6 trophies and I don’t see it in the patch notes or known issues list, but I don’t want to repost it, if it is already known. Basic Ancient Trophies disappear when you trade them - #16 by YunoGrinbellor

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