Update Incoming!

Anything you hope they don’t mess with?


Apparently there was supposed to be a barrel in the Pirate Stance emote… But I was using that to stand on people and mobs declaring them defeated! haha


They increased the server capacity from 2000 to 2001.


Hope they fix achievements. The only thing that’s a constant annoyance to me.


Some really good fixes in that list honestly!


I hope we’ll see a fix to the exploit that people are using to undermine a zone within minutes to make it possible to go to war from 0 to 100%. Thus, not even allow time for people to counter the situation.


The issue that you are speaking of is actually a feature in the game that is working correctly. One of our dev team made an awesome post detailing the mechanic out here:


:rofl: :rofl:


It needs to be tweaked. Underdog buff is good, but at this level it disincentives open world PVP because it makes defending your territory versus missions useless.


i get the idea behind the function… in the actual game though? it sucks, it’s harder for crafters to get stuff done when wars are constantly being declared instantly this soon in the game. a period of stablitiy occasionally would be nice. some of the issues i pointed out in the closed beta are going to be made worse by this… unless you guys looked into the issue and found a way to make sure it doesn’t become the server killer it can be. right now, it’s too early to tell at least on my server from a player’s prospective if you guys did anything about the devolving and monopoly issue.


Here’s some things I wish were included on that list:
• Fixed Ice Gauntlet’s issues with disappearing arms, invisible projectiles, flickering of the gauntlet and character using it, light attack hits not registering, and texture of weapon appearing on armor.
• Fixed ranged weapons sounding as though they’ve fired twice.
• Fixed musket’s double reload.
• Fixed Corrupted Monoliths from occasionally incorrectly despawning when entering them or when nearing completion.
• Fixed issue with trees, veins, etc. not properly despawning after being harvested.
• Fixed issue with Encumbrance that allows normal movement speed, dodge rolls, and use of abilities while the character model spazzes out.
• Fixed issue with weapon swapping not properly queueing, preventing smooth swapping and requiring multiple button presses to initiate the swap mid-combat.

There’s definitely more that I’ve run into but that’s all I can remember at the moment.

• Fixed stations not showing the correct tier on the map.
• Reduced respawn rates in many densely populated landmarks to a more reasonable level. No more bad guys that you defeated 10 seconds ago hitting you in the back!
• Increased spawn rates of many scarcely populated landmarks to a more reasonable level. No more fighting 20 other players for that rare wolf or elk kill!
• Fixed an issue that causes players to be unable to attack with spears or cast their fishing poles until restarting their game.
• Fixed an issue that allowed enemy NPCs to initiate a grit attack and cancel out crowd control effects applied by the player after the attack had already made contact.


Oooooooooh my goooooood that fucking double musket reload is so annoying. How that isn’t getting more traction is beyond me.


Hmm groundwork for transfers in the store, The free transfer thats been promised last week is still a go? Or are they monetizing this even though it was promised? hmm…

When are you fixing the mob tag bug where people damage an elite but do not receive kill score?


Is this fixing the unplayable expeditions? They are completely broken on multiple servers, being part of the main story quest at level 25, you would expect it to be high priority?


Nice, now i think is time to fix bugs from alpha.

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So the biggest changes in this are more afk detection stuff instead of the server transfer stuff we were promised?

Bug fixed are nice sure but honestly how can it already take longer than a week to implement moving some data between two servers and a tiny bit of UI to sort it. The entire problem with queues literally exists because you still haven’t implemented this.

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Your transfer will be there whenever it happens. I doubt the first one will cost anything after all the issues thats been raised about it. Future transfers will probably cost something…as most games do charge something for switching. Im also sure some sort of long cd will also follow that server change to eliminate the act of server hopping with loads of resources.

Pls do patches and maintenance at night in Europe, so we don’t have downtime during the day.

Quest where u have to kill “Little Simon” isn’t working. He isn’t spawning.


you are joking right. you must have hundreds of tickets saying that this is destroying the game. Open world pvp is dead til you fix this.