Update Incoming!

  • 4hrs Downtime Mid day!
  • Patch List is pathetic - No movement on Cap or major PVP bugs.
  • 4hrs Patch window for minor fixes
  • No Player / Dev Test Environment to elevate patching times.

Its like this is the first MMO to be made! Has nothing been learnt!
Not a great start AGS


4 hours downtime? Where you get that info from?

Dev Updates - [Downtime] New World Update: 1.0.1

The estimated downtime is approximately 240 minutes (~4 hours).

Yeah in the middle of the day, when a majority of players from your region have jobs to do yeah.Good lord the warped reality of some people is really eye-opening.

I’m out. You are all totally bonkers.


guess i have to work now… xD


Can you please schedule maintenance for NOT dumb times please


Well, I’m still sad that they haven’t fixed the Company bug.
If you were in another Company before, and joined a new one. You can only access the UI from the new Company, but you’re still seeing ONLY the old company CHAT that you belonged too.

I know that many people have this issue, and it’s quite annoying tbf.
Shame that bug is not on their list.

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Ah did not see that one yet, thanks!
Time to grind some D2R!

Picky much, just be thankful they are bug fixing…


Its estimated 4 hours downtime, we don’t know yet how well they manage updating their game as they are quite new. Could easily be 1 hour or even 6 hours.

Downtime mid day for EU is something quite common for US based MMOs.

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Im dissappointed that they didnt adress the bug where you sometimes doesnt deal damage at all.


@ [Heracine]

People have days off… People have Holidays …People don’t work…

The majority of people DO SLEEP at night.

The stupidity and blind fandom is what is eye opening!


I think that compared to many MMORPG type games the launch was ok - Yep the queues were off the charts and I think it genuinely took Amazon etc by surprise. Once the tourists have disappeared queues will be a thing of the past.
My only major concern is lack of story and lore but maybe we will discover more as we venture further…I hope so.

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I was just thinking the same thing!

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Haha, yeah I just assumed they were referencing the old Captain Morgan Rum commercial where people did the pose in thin air.

Exactly :frowning:

Hi funkster. I know it’s just a minor oversight but we’ve had a mass exodus of players exiting the server and as the mark passed (I was just going to farm right up to the last second because mindless tree felling is my bag) it occurred to me that it’s unlikely you guys would announce a time for maintenance and then not start it right on the wire and that this most likely means that your team is located on the west coast. I think it would be good business to append a time zone to the announcements just so it’s not total chaos or instant depopulation.

Though I will say that it’s nice to not hear war hammer thunderclaps every few seconds for a change.

As an aside, can we get a button in the settings or something to send a bug report with a screenshot or a few seconds of recorded video (with permission to record for a short period written into the conditions of using the button, of course)? That would be immensely helpful in pointing out the less frequently triggered errors. I’ve got a handful of them I’ll be throwing on the forum later.


It isn’t at 12:00 everywhere in the world at the same time… This is at 6 AM in NA East and 3 AM in NA West, BTW, I DO live in Central Europe so I know it’s Noon there but I also own a clock so I’m aware of what time it is in other areas of the world.

Nice timing. By the time the servers go up, students here in the EU will be back home and we’ll all be playing the login simulator again.