Update Incoming!

It says 10:00 UTC - that was 26minutes ago right? I am still on?

Edit: kicked off at exactly 10:30

Yes and water is wet. The EU got fucked on launch day by all the name morons and now we’ll be fucked every time they push updates.


They take servers down in groups, mine has been down for a solid 20min now

and how are they going to do that ?

what kind of lunch breaks are these people taking?

I agree I have been expecting hot fixes daily tbh in a new MMO.

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Yes, be grateful they do anything for the game you paid for. They could just take your money and leave.

its said in patch note they will fix this

I’m sorry TrevzorFTW, but when people are using autoclickers to mass hand in the same quest 4 to 6 times in a row, to increase the amount of influence applied is NOT WORKING AS INTENDED.

So this is something the developers need to review and it has been reported a lot already.

4pm CET and servers come back and everyone gets home from work lol best of luck to all of us

Non peak time would be nice. 7pm here and downtime won’t be over till I am well asleep. This is an easy way to keep folks from wanting to come back if this continues.

I just hope they seriously look into the power spikes when running the game

Ugh if I had known about that post I could have prevented 2 hours of bickering in the faction chat.

Also AGS has chosen Steam, any updates will be pushed globally by Steam at the same time.

I noticed there are issues displaying the correct server in the Main Menu on the Esc screen. Hope they have this updated!

Haha, staggered region specific maintenance/update windows are a norm for cloud services…

Pretty funny how AGS can’t, here we are in AU peak time and servers are down for four hours…

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How about fix the bug that kick ppl out of the server during war?
It happened twice now.
First time 26 or our man stuck at the loading screen which cause us lost our land.
And second time it logs all of us out and put us in queue again during war.
This is really frustrating. It is a waste of our time, a waste of our gold, and a waste of our passion
As a result, people lost their confidence in fighting, and the number of applicants on the war board was only three pages. This server no longer allows new players to create characters, but we can barely get enough people when the war starts.

Anything about swimming? I can’t see my character walking on the seabed while i’m playing a game like this… It’s unacceptable!


A feature working as intended!

Estas no son horas…

server capacity is already 2500 what do you mean?