Update on server status

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We know they’re still under maintenance… But yet all the other regions are up and running perfectly. Apparently, seen on other posts, the servers are fixed but yet they’re still under maintenance.

9hrs ago it was addressed, 2hrs later we get an update to inform us its still down, and 15min ago you tell us again its down. Like we already didnt know. How about you tell us what’s going on and update us when its back up?

No way am I demanding an explanation just would like a little more detail in these copy and paste posts they keep releasing. Instead its just “Hey are servers are down” one after the other and in 2 hours we might get the same update again.


Server side, nothing to do with AGS. They can’t update you on something that they have zero control over.


They dont owe you an explanation. Calm down child.


I’d imagine where we are at is normalized AWS services that New World utilizes to run properly and we have now entered the phase where the New World team is firing things up and going “Wtf did this break and how can we bring things up as smoothly as possible”

Highly doubt they will give NA East servers the greenlight until they are confident they wont go down 20-60 minutes later and get the massive backlash for something that is not their fault


a grown dipshit.

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Ohhhh, this looks like it’ll be more interesting than watching the global chat in game! Gotta go fix some popcorn…


You should act like one.


It’s almost 10pm EST so people are either going to bed or losing their minds right about now.

So you picked the right time to make popcorn.

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Also, has anyone else noticed that one world in US-East has came back online and has like 300 players online? Aztlan world seems to be running?

Because it’s none of your business, and likely, the problem is complicated enough that we (including you) wouldn’t understand it and any laymen explanation they give would just cause more questions.
They might tell us later, but it’s really none of our business.

A contradiction in word and deed.

The one world I mistakenly switched from lol. Shouldve stayed on it, instead of linking up on another server where my friends were when the game released

It has been for awhile. why are all of the worlds not on. ridiculous at this point. AWS is said to be up and running. other services are running fine now.


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AGS tends to do rolling shutdowns so it wouldn’t surprise me if they did rolling start ups. Or test batches. The outage was not just AGS but amazon wide and multiple other companies were affected by it’s outage and, a lot of things could’ve gotten fucked by this so they are in their right minds to take it slow.

Well at 9:45pm EST I was able to click the Play button finally.

And that was all.

Well when someone calls me a child and posts “They dont owe you an explanation.” Can suck it. I guess stating the obvious is frowned upon by the white knights of new world.

300 player testing… I could see if they had maybe a couple dozen employees in closed testing. Just seems weird they opened only one world…


Someone else on a thread claiming to work for a similar company said they usually spool up a server to test once a large outage like this has happened.

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Then don’t act like a child and demand shit. Pretty fuckin common knowledge of ‘grown ass men’.