Update on server status

It’s general practice for some companies; nothing wrong with it. Better to test thoroughly than to shut down for 2x the time to find the root cause after it breaking and run fixes after it’s found because they chose NOT to test.

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I didnt demand it. I simply requested it as an update instead of “servers down” dumbass

ok child, keep telling them what to do.

Because the white knights of the old world referred to people as bitches and told them to stfu?

That sounds just like my grandpa.

People keep complaining about newer generations being too sensitive. Maybe they’re just tired of people treating each other like crap and calling it “truth telling”.

Your grandmother would likely be embarrassed at how you are treating people.

Welcome to the old world.

Not trying to pass blame or insinuate US East players are entitled to the below; just asking to see if there is any anticipated remedial action for the lost day.

That said, will there be some opportunity for US East characters to make up for the lost day with regard to gear score watermark? Specifically, elite chests that have a 24-hour cool down timer.


You’re better off than me. I can’t even get a server list to come up.

Just got back with my popcorn, and ice cold coke.

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If AWS services was the issue for the outage. Most services are back up.


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Tell us you’re out for a troll without telli - never mind, you’re dead serious.

Or shut the hell up and wait. They told us enough. Go out and touch some ass, grass, or snow.

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Games don’t provide these types of server status updates because they don’t know how long its going to take. If they did they probably know exactly how to fix it and it would be done by now. If they tell you 1 hour and it takes 8 everyone will be up in arms.


Still 3 AWS items that have not fully recovered yet.

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I’m in Florida I only have access to two of those and frankly I miss the cooler weather more.

Remove the “How about” and then it seems like im demanding. Again, I was simply pointing out the asinine behind them thinking telling us the servers are down is an actual update. But it is what it is, sorry to have offended you, as you have offended me.

Uh, fuck that. Its dark outside lol

Certainly not saying I sat around all day waiting for the game to come up. Until the next patch, I’m really only playing long enough to complete my chest run. But with some of the anticipated changes, it puts a premium on each day trying to climb that gear score ladder. My apologies if it came off any other way.


(Won’t let me post just an emote so this sentence is here.)

do you guys think this is going to be up tonight like before 11.59 EST? or nah

Go read the internet dude, new world devs are not out to fuckin get us like some shadow government that’s main goal is to yoink $40 from you. Honestly; if you’re that crazed over missing sub 24hrs of gaming because of something out of their control, you’ve zero business spending that money on a video game to begin with.

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