Update on US east Outage

lol he’s like they’re onto us I’m out

Yes and some have been fixed and are in the testing phase. If we give them the time they will have it back online with little to no issues.

Stage fright

thats what my IT server friends were looking at. they said those are fucking major. so most likely nothing until tomorrow morning. im just lying to myself and being optimistic that it will be in an hour hahahaha

How DARE you be calm and rational during a time of crisis.

This thread is for waffles and shit-posting, not uplifting and logic responses.

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A company as large as Amazon is not single homed and would not be affected by this all day. Please stop posting things you don’t understand anything about…

Question: If your toon got deleted and no recovery was available who would actually stay and go through that grind again?

Nope not a chance

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I’m not sure what I’d do honestly. Probably I’d join a low pop server and wait for a transfer so I could get rich easily without competition.

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I AGREE! Where are the refunders? They can’t blame AGS. The pain it must cause them. It’s horrific.

Go back and read the replies to that post especially mine. It will likely make you feel better.

Servers are up

If this happened then they should just do a complete wipe of every server, and have everyone start over.

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Servers up! GOGO

Wipe it now!

Honestly would probably go through it for a minute, lose interest and then leave. Already worked really hard to get where im at in the game with over 400 hours played. But I do know this, id use that discount on my first house a hell of a lot smarter.

Yep, that’s what I see as well in my own console - Looks like the elastic containers are still behaving wrong…

If you want to take this moment to learn about cloud infrastructure. I know I would rather be playing. - If that little yellow box thing gets messed up, then it doesn’t know what container to call, much less what to spin up.

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i’m in bois. lets gooooooooo

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I’d say watch us all login on our respective servers and crash them.

Then I realized there probably aren’t enough players on these servers to do that.

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