Update where? 🤔

No communication, updates 43 minutes past due… got a war soon… No worries though AG, take your time bros.


Sir we regret to inform you that our latest patch resulted in a game breaking bug so we must shut down for the next 3 weeks as we fix this game breaking bug


fck… lost ark it is

Stanley has refused to go corrupted.


they wouldve been better off not saying how long it would take, now they just look stupid and have people who have been waiting pissed off smh

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im gonna go see stanley and turn his smile around, bro better run :rage:

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Wow, its just a video game. Maybe try worrying about something important.

ahh true playing war with the bros

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Well what are you doing here then in this post?


says the guy on a forum for a video game

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see you after 3 Artisan Favor upgrades and you ran out of silver/gold to try the 4th piece :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Butt-hurt everywhere, lol. Calm down folks its just a game you will get through it.


Just a game?? Gaming is life mate, how can you be so thoughtless.

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haha true, nah im just chillin at 1370 rn and doing my guardians and chaos then logging off until valtan

the devs dont like you lol

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