UPDATED NOV6: 137k concurrent players on Steam charts!

Who hasn’t bought GTA5

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I guess you haven’t heard the phrase tickle my fancy sorry for not using it the correct sense. But the fact you immediately jumped into it thinking it was some LGBQSRTXZY just wow….

Here I’ll break it down for you. Does leveling from 1-60 tickle your fancy. Meaning do you enjoy it so much then go for it you had a blast it’s exciting and fun!

Foreign? TheBronx New York faaaaghetaboudit.

Game will only get better from this point on
AGS got rid of dead wood …new team leader has come in and upwards trend can be directly be linked to that point in time.
They will never succeed in pleasing every single player but majority is what matter …be that majority of PvE player or PvP ones .


Right, and if you read what I replied to - dude said next day.

That fkin Animal Blundetto, I can’t even say his name

Bookmarked for one week from today.


Always with the negative waves, Moriarty … Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?

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say what now? Moriarity, thank you for the compliment. Are we talking Natalie Dorner or Jared Harris?

Hey i’d like to be proven wrong believe me. If i hated this game i wouldn’t be here but the devs seem to shoot themselves in the foot a lot

Hell yeah brother!

We never faltered :smiley:

Still not dead.

Last nights 24 hour peak player count. Where did those other 50k+ players go ???

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Shhh let’s not talk about that

This thread is gonna age terribly.

Are you guys just looking at the numbers?
Stop for a bit and analyze all the other games in top 10 or even in top 30.
I won’t say anything else, just exercise your thinking please.