*UPDATED PTR PATCH NOTES* Including reasoning behind changes AND misc other fixes

cries a little inside


Sounds like they aren’t changing anything from the PTR feedback. More or less release PTR “as is” on live because now it’s been “tested”.


So there ptr is exactly like eso’s. It a way to show off the new shineys, but nothing is really tested, or changed and feedback is ignored.

A pre-release advertisement. A disaster waiting to happen.


Nope… not into this.


As I expected PTR was about making sure none of the things broke the game…they already had their mind made up about the actual changes. All the balance feedback served no purpose.


I like the changes, I like the communication, I like the direction the game is headed. Plenty of things still need to be fixed, but people need to drop their hate boner for the game on these forums. Plenty of people still having fun and looking forward to the future. AGS has rebounded well from a rocky launch. Not sure what else you can ask from them at this point. Some people will never be happy.


FS and IG changes are crap, mainly because if they nerf those weapon what are the other magic weapons that I can play with, that plays more or less the same ?

What’s the alternative ? There is none. I have to completely change my gear and build to be able to do the same as the average person.


Already crafted my voidbent heavy and put my fs/ig away. Everyone enjoy the 80 GA/Hammer 10 healer 10 seige meta!


DEVS**: If you are going to screw mages and healers this hard, then do the FOLLOWING:




that’s some hard copium right there. IG can’t just be 100% oppresive now so you want that? lul

Take some acid and go outpost, crazy stuff you see on the middle of that GA/Warhammer orgy

Maybe my server is just Bias. However, I just played Outpost Rush, and there were 11 GA/Hammers on my team. It’s always like this… Normally whoever has more wins.
However, I’ve seen a LOT more bows recently… Like double… sometimes 2 or even 3…


These changes are a joke Healing didn’t need a Nerf, PVP needed a whole ass class system to balance it out You need 200 Focus to equip a Healing staff in PVP, You Need 200 Constitution to equip all Heavy Armor, There aren’t many dedicated healers or dedicated Tank for standing on the point. With these changes you’d only have 2 maybe 3 Healers tops per Outpost rush. Lets not even go there with the Nerfs to weapons Great Axe and Bow are probably currently the TOP 2 Damage weapons, Bows need people to hit their target so potatoes make it vary in damage but Great Axe is Strong as Hell, Great Axe and War Hammer have been one of the Games META Combo’s since the Closed Beta and some people argued it was top 2 strongest combo’s in the Alphas so to see one get buffed and the other get fixes that only increases it effective further only to have the FireStaff that was Top 5 but NOT Top 3 get nerfed is outstanding.

Healing was never OP they should have added a debuff to Heavy armor Pieces so that for every piece of heavy armor people wear they get a -5% Decrease to their effective healing and removed the healing staff perks from all heavy pieces.


i love ALL of the PTR changes hope all of them make it live.

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the Life Crystal Dropped from lvl45+ Corruption Portals in the closed Beta but about a week after release data miners couldn’t find a File Pathing for it anymore the devs removed it from the game. They did the same with the Etched Handguard, Embossed wraps and the Counterbalance which in turn meant the 12 weapons you don’t need a schematic for in weapon smithing are no longer craftable, If you include the Life staves and all the schematics then you’re looking at around 20 Uncraftable weapons the dev took out for official release. ALso I haven’t heard of a singloe person getting any of the WAR Legendaries either so good chance that’s another 11 Weapons Oh and then Outpost rush also had Legendaries that nobody has gotten so thats another 11 weapons again, We’re looking at a good 40+ Weapons not available at launch.

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PTR us for players to find new meta and cheats since these retards won’t listen. Making a PTR a worse idea than having none.

the only ‘feedback’ they got was a never ending waterfall of tears about how axe is ‘op’ from ranged users who wont be able to 3 shot them anymore.

a tragedy

Release as is? Like with the ability for me to one shot with hammer? Licks lips.

I do understand why they want to avoid adding attribute restrictions to allow for more build fluidity. But I do agree that having some attribute restrictions, just like level restrictions, on certain armor and weapons would very likely balance things out a lot more.

It seems silly for someone to have the ability to have heavy armor, potent heals and potent damage - as well as above decent mobility running a Great Ax or potent CC running a Warhammer with Lifestaff.

Heavy needs more drawbacks and less benefits in PvP. I know they are trying to balance out perks for each type of armor, but heavy doesn’t need that many bonuses. They are innately capable of soaking up significantly more physical and elemental damage. And with resistance gems that scale on percent that becomes so much higher.

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@Luxendra, @NW_Mugsy
Why has feedback on weapons been asked for and none of the most discussed changes have been clarified or heeded by a developer or a moderator? It is simply demotivating to spend time that serves no purpose.

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