Updated: Some different balance changes idea (all a PTB suggestion instead of what we have)

So i would like to suggest my own balance changes that help rebalance things instead of how the PTR has them (I will try and add a reasoning also i will only be doing this around war)
(credit for some changes go to @Shmew and @MikeBeQuiet ) (i will continue to update as needed)

  • Armor
    • Light armor - 15% increased damage/healing
    • Medium armor - 10 less stamina to dodge
    • Heavy armor - 10% decreased damage/outgoing healing and 10% increased CC duration
    • Percentages are now multiplicative rather than additive.
  • Added diminishing returns for knockdown and stun.
  • Bleed additionally now causes 15% reduced healing received. (Cap is 20% and can be cleansed)
  • Poison additionally now causes 10% reduced outgoing healing and damage.
  • Burn additionally now causes 5% increased damage taken.
  • Rend now has a max cap at 45% and can be cleansed.
    Riposte stun base duration increased 1.5s → 2s
    Riposte stun duration upgrade increased 2s → 2.5s
    Riposte cooldown reduced 20s → 18s
    (so my reasoning for this is the bleed tree is useless in pvp adding a anti heal to them will make it useful and maybe bring rapier into a more balanced place)
    Fire Staff
    Flamethrower base damage up by 10%
    Flamethrower now has grit
    Flamethrower range increased by 10%
    Incinerate gains grit
    (Firestaff has the lowest base damage and relies on crits to do damage. it does have great AoE however so im giving it a bit more utility and giving the most useless ability on it a buff. )
    Ice Gauntlet
    heavy freeze now has a 2s CD
    Ultimate chill nerfed from 35% damage to 30%
    Ice shower CD increased by 2s
    Entomb CD increased by 5s
    Pylon now adds a 15% slow on its attacks
    Wind Chill base damage increased 16% → 20%
    Wind Chill base damage increased by 5%
    (Ice gauntlet relies heavily on Ice storm to do damage but is mostly a utility weapon relying on slows to peel off attackers. I am trying to give more options to that while reducing its hard CC in its stun)
    Great Axe
    Lunge reduced by 25%
    Whirlwind gains grit
    “Gravity” passive updated to “After you cause a pull, your foe is rooted for 0.25 seconds”
    (GA is already great at staying on top of people with charge, reap, and gravity well so doesnt need such a easy gap closer with its basic attacks. also adding grit and a root will shift that balance from the lunge to whirlwind)
    Cyclone base dmg increased 110% → 125%
    Sweep ‘coup de grac’ bonus attack buffed dmg 125% → 140%
    Perforate base dmg of each hit increased 70% → 80%
    Skewer bleed DoT/tick dmg increased 10% per second → 13% per second
    (Spear is a decent weapon but is outshined by hammer in terms of CC so adding a anti heal i think will help it)
    Poison shot cooldown reduced 35s → 30s
    Poison shot direct hit upgrade nerfed 200% → 150% dmg
    Poison shot can no longer headshot.
    Rapid Shot cooldown reduced 20 sec → 14 sec
    (Bow doesnt need to much different but reducing the direct hit damage i think should just be shifted in power a bit)
    sticky bomb base dmg increased 175% → 200%
    power shot cooldown reduced 15s → 13s
    shooter’s stance cooldown reduced 20s → 18s
    stopping power cooldown redcued 18s → 16s
    Trap travel time is reduced by 20%
    (The power of the musket is pretty good with their changes but i think shifting some of the power to make it more utility base will help the weapons in war)
    Sword and Shield
    leaping strike dmg buffed 135% → 150%
    leaping strike cooldown reduced 25s → 18s
    shield bash weaken extended 4s → 10s
    (I like their changes and dont see much to change)
    aoe disease cloud duration 3s → 6s
    disease throw debuff durations 5s → 10s
    disease throw on <30% hp enemy debuff durations upgrade 15s
    rending throw cooldown reduced 15s → 10s
    Undying CD from 75s → 80s
    (all the power of hatchet comes from undying and trying to shift it so people use persistent hindrance is key to proper balance. i hope by slightly increasing undying it will help tempt people to use other hatchet builds)
    wrecking ball fortify buff duration increased 4s → 6s
    wrecking ball damage increased 120% → 130%
    mighty gravel cooldown reduced 22s → 20s
    mighty gravel base dmg increased 160% → 170%
    mighty gravel final upgrade dmg increased 200% → 220%
    armor breaker rend upgrade buffed 15% → 10%
    armor breaker does 25% bonus dmg to full hp enemy instead of 15% (final upgrade)
    warhammer exhaustion from abilities passive now reduces enemy stamina regen by 20% instead of 15%
    Shockwave CD 20s → 25s
    Shockwave stun reduced from 2s → 1.5s
    Sundering shockwave 9 %→19% rend to 4% → 14% rend
    Clear out CD 15s → 20s
    Prevailing spirit 35%→20% healing
    (Hammer is just a CC machine and i think making its DPS side more viable and reducing its CC uptime will help make it have a bigger verity)
    Lifestaff (the big one)
    Splash of light now doesnt effect groups but will target the 5 lowest HP allies within 50m
    Devine embrace 150% to 135%
    So what do you guys think what would you see changed? I tried my best and hope everyone can enjoy these ^^
    for reference this is where i pulled the current balance changes from OFFICIAL LINK INSIDE List of PTR Weapon Skill Tree Changes + other stuff
    I will update some VG changes soon.

@Kay I would like your feedback on this mostly as you are a developer and I think we could have a fun and civilized talk


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thank you. i was thinking changing the selfing part to only being apart of the single target heals as thats what keeps most paladins alive. but that can be changed after testing the anti heals added to weapons

also any thing you would like to see changed or things you think it overtuned?

I can’t speak to everything on this, but I think many of these issues could be solved with some simpler more foundational changes.


  • Armor
    • Light armor - 10% increased damage/healing
    • Medium armor - No bonuses or drawbacks
    • Heavy armor - 10% decreased damage/healing and 10% increased CC duration
    • Percentages are now multiplicative rather than additive.
  • Added diminishing returns for knockdown and stun.
  • Bleed additionally now causes 25% reduced healing received.
  • Poison additionally now causes 10% reduced outgoing healing and damage.
  • Burn additionally now causes 5% increased damage taken.


Seems fine, maybe not quite as much of a CD reduction on riposte.

Fire Staff

Nerfs aren’t necessary, probably one of the most balanced weapons in the game. I do like flamethrower not being useless, but I suspect these changes aren’t it.

Add grit to incinerate.

Ice Gauntlet

As far as nerfs go just reduce the ultimate chill damage to like 25%, leave the rest of it alone. The root isn’t really the issue given how difficult it is to even setup the combo in the first place against a skilled player.

Quadruple pylon’s health, increase range 25%, add chain ice perk to attack. I wouldn’t want to add a slow to this unless even this massive buff wasn’t enough to make it playable. This buff might make it something that needs to be killed now, but it’s a fine line to walk as if it does become powerful then suddenly you’ll see pylons littering the battlefield.

Great Axe

I assume by lunge reduced you mean the distance a target has to be before it becomes like Thor’s hammer and zooms them to their target, in which case considering just how massive that range is something closer to 35% is probably a little better. I like the other changes.

Other weapons

I can’t speak much on these other weapons, but from what I can see they look good. I think all the changes to the life staff probably aren’t necessary, as the two different status effects reducing healing, combined with heavy armor penalty would likely make the paladin builds much less of an issue.

By the way, you can use markdown to format posts here.


I also think that spear should still have a little more attention, like the piercing has its damage range 70%> 80/90% and its speed increased, and the passive where when hitting 3 hits stuns the enemy, this is ridiculous, better put something else in its place, I think it’s more feasible to try harder or reduce the enemy’s speed, the bow doesn’t even deserve a nerf or buff, because it’s hard to play and who knows how to play with it can take advantage of its maximum dmg.

Now the rest I agree with everything, these ideas are great and well planned, it’s a shame that some of them AGS didn’t give much importance, as the Bleeding should actually reduce the character’s healing or something like that, as long-term damage is not effective , because you can always count on 2 pots of life.

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Mind if i steal some of your things for when i rework my post later on?

please reread over the notes as i made adjustments on further thought and discussion with friends and forums

i reworked some things so please reread it i think i made things better with discussion

By all means, steal away :slight_smile:

thank you ^^

i rework allot of it recently lmk what you think

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@Kay @NW_Mugsy could i get some feed back from you guys and what you think as devs of the game? i would love to have a talk and insight

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I would like to see the 300 perk for STR no longer give grit to Light attacks it takes away lots of cc by just swinging. and it encourages no skill great axe light attack spam.


i mean its already there but grit isnt effected my stuns only being knocked out of things i believed.

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I think even these changes are a bit radical.
Start off a little slower, and see how it feels.

Light armor is already so weak I can’t take it, my heart.

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