Upgrad gear under 600 is ok BUT NOT WITH 590 (with reason)

I have seen ptr notes and they say you can Upgrad gear now to over 600 and can Start with 590.

This is not good, you dont need trophy materials at this point, if you have 590 gs item with perfekt Attribut and 2 perks its the same like a 600 legendary with attributes 2 perks perfect and 1 perk bullshit.

If this Update goes life you dont need alle trophys big for higher chance to got good items, you can have a little chance of extra perk and a litten chance it will be good but all who invest much time and farmen in big crafting trophys got slapped in face.

Start with gs 595, its the minimum for All big tropyhs and need a bit time invest and trophymaterials will not go down , same for some craftingskill Party like qeaponsmithing pants hat and armorer Hat, all will dropp …

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That isn’t a valid reason to make it 595 lol


Why shut someone without All big trophys and Workout time invest like someone with all trophys and gear, have same chance to Code over 600 ?
All trophymaterials and gear will dropp if you dont need full gear and trophy to got 2 perks and over 600 Upgrades if 590 is enoguhfor Upgrade to 600.

Tropymaterials + gearset will dropp hard if this Update go live, this shut be neuer the reason for newworld to make this Importen thinks usless because 590 is enough

uh no it’s fine it takes nothing away from legendaries lmao

624 purple vs 625 legendary is the same as 599 purple 600 legendary



Because people paid good money for their 590-594 items lol.

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people get max trophies to get the best possible chance at 600gs window. Stats of 590 and 595 are literally the same. People dont get max trophies to roll 595 stuff

The Gear Score needed to upgrade gear with Umbral Shards needs to be a minimum of 591 or else people can spam crafting substituting one of the end game materials with cinnabar, smolderhide, wildvine or blisterweave. More than likely substituting asmodeum to reduce the costs more.

As an example I can make 590 Great Axes with 15 cinnabar, 2 glittering ebony and 2 runic leather. This changed the cost from 5650 coin (with asmo) to 585 coin.

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yeah but 590 at max roll…

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We also all know the majority of major trophies out there were duped. AGS said they got rid of most duped items thats false.

I don’t know a single player who bought them for next to nothing before they shut it down that lost their trophies.

Certainly also didn’t see anyone on the forums complaining about losing their trophies either.

Basically AGS gave themselves a loophole that allowed them to leave pretty much all sold duped trophies in the game.

For example, our company have 1 full Set major armor trophy and we farmed this in reekwater with 12 people over 2 weeks.
2 Journals Was bought in market.

Not all are duped.

Until now we just have this one full Set and swap it from armorer in companie to juwelier every time.
At this Moment we farm a secound one, to say all major trophys duped Hit us so much, dont say this Things to all !!!
We just investet enough time to got it !!!

All under 595 shut be not upgradebale in next Patch.
All who rlly Grind got slapped qith Upgrade Things from 590

I know you said most of major trophys but all who got it fair will be slapped if you can roll qithout asmodeum to 590 or without majortrophy or full gearset.
Why i shut try a Rose to 600 with realistic chance for attribute +2 perfect perks and 1 crap perk, if i can have an 590 role with same chance of attribute and 2x perfect perk but without the sets or qithout using asmodeum?

So much people will so this if this patch goes live


Not one thing you said is a good reason to move it to 595. Other then you think people such as yourself should have an advantage.

Your literally whining dude.

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  1. Major trophys dont need it to got “600” gs with 2 good perks+ artribut
  2. You dont need full crafting gear Set because maximum craft to 590 would be enough
  3. You can have full gearset and craft without asmodeum and can still got 590 wit 2 perk +atrribut and it will be the same like 600 gs legendary with 2 perks good 1 perk crap and good attributs

So all who got full gear sets and trophys fair with hard Grind will be slapped in the face if you can Upgrade 590 and not 595

Not at all.

If they made it 585+ that would be BS but this changes nothing. You can still craft 600gs gear with minor trophies. Trophies don’t mean you can exclusively craft 600gs items only with major trophies. You can craft that gear just fine without them, you’ll just have to try twice as many times, which just means more materials used up.

Make sense?

Medium and major trophies are not what enables you to craft 600gs gear… they just make it easier to get there.

You have no Differenz between 590 gs with right Attribut + 2 perks and 600 legendary with right attributs 2 perfect perks and 1 crap.

Except the extra perk and the 10 gs difference, of course. Which is not nothing.

Dude, you can Upgrade it so the 10gs is usless if you upgrad the purple item to 600 because 590 is needed!

If the Extra perk is crap you hav nothing from this ! Example you Player melee dd and got an bow perk or Playing Tank and got bow perk on heavy armor.

So its the same Thing the 590 purple and the 600 legendary because both can Upgrade to 625


And it will still be worse then a legendary with 3 good perks… your argument holds no water

No, it will be exactly the same if both can Upgraded to 625 and the 3. Perk will be usless for you, say why it shut be better???
Why ???
Why shut be a 3. Crap perk be better than no perk, it gives you nothing for your gameplay but with the 590 Upgraded on 625 you have invest so much lower like others with trophys and gear.
You just one who think “nice i dont need to Grind and have some like others”.
Dat is the point

You have no point other then your trying to turn this into a catch up mechanic. And not all legendaries have 2 good perks and 1 crap. Some have 3 good perks.

All your doing is asking for this to become a free pass to legendary for your epic gear. Your asking for something you in no way earned.

I said you my piont and im right but you cant Tell me why a legendary 2x perfect+ 1x crap (you cant use this one in Fights) shut be better as an 590 with same perfekt perks but without the crap one, if both are 625.

This game should not be dat easy for casual players, more grind= more reward.

You just talk from weapons who have 3 good perks!
Craft a perfect armor peace ! You have 98 perks viable, easy math you have 0,23% Chance to got All 3 perks you want. And you say there a legendarys with 3 good, stop Talking about weapons.

You just should use maths for this Problem and why trophys etc are not so usefull if zhis goes life.