Upgrade no-name items to Legendary from 595GS

Can you see on a no-name item if it is possible to update it to Legendary somehow?
I looted a “Harbinger of Death” 595GS and it didn’t say it was named, but I was able to update it to Legendary. But most other no-name items could not be updated to Legendary. How can you see which items can be updated and which cannot?



Im pretty sure “Harbinger of Death” sounds very “named” …

if you are unsure just look up here

It does not say - Named on it. Thats why I asking

Yea, I know about that site, but I wounder if you can se on the item eaven if it not say Named on it.

the new feature was not adopted for some old items. idk why

You don’t recognise named item without tooltip saying its a named item?

me either… i check the perks not the item name lul

Should be able to upgrade to 625 but i dont think you can change the state of the item to give it more expanded skill slots. Would be nice though. I have some items that i would love to upgrade but no it would be pointless. And im partial to the idea that if you practice with whatever weapon you choose you can become a master of. Like shigure from historys strongest desciple who was a prodigy of weapon mastery who used a spoon to disarm 5 well armed experts. I would love to be able to keep my wooden sword from day one and upgrade it to legendary status so I can become the wooden sword death dealer. Naming my very first weapon and have it grow with my character would be a neat addition on a personal level.

Actually, no I dont.

Oh … check website then.

You miss the question here, I asked if you culd se -ON- a item, not on any website or google or at any forum, on the item it self.

No need for it, 99,9% of people is able to say if a certain item is named. Because it has a non-generic name … the others, well, should use a nwdb site.

Its like saying they should add a tooltip that say “Rafik of Beshara” is named mob and “Skeletal archer” isn’t …

So, what you saying, is if it says “-something- of -something name-” it is named and can be ugraded to legendary?

You always can check if items are upgradeable to legs or not here

Before moving slider

After moving slider

why are some named items not set to a GS? is this a bug or intentional?

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Unfortunately, with the Brimstone patch it appears AGS decided not to include most open-world named armor drops in the new “Named” item tag.

Avenging, Fearless Spy, Archmage, Harbinger, Corrupted Rage, Highwayman, and Augur sets for sure all drop based on enemy level and expertise.

This is very frustrating as they guarantee 590GS drop on named weapons, but many T5 armor sets drop from sub 63 enemies and so are very very difficult to obtain as a legendary.

It took me Months to get Avenging Pauldrons at 590+ since the only monsters that drop them are non-boss lv60 (500-510 normal GS range)

You are supposed to see on the items whether they are named or not. If you have found a named item that isn’t marked, please do submit a bug report so that the issue can be fixed!

That is not true.

" * * Please note: While the majority of Named items have been impacted, there have been exceptions and categories across the board that were not updated. This is intended. Due to the sheer number of items, a full list is beyond the scope of these patch notes."

Nothing you posted invalidates what I posted. If AGS determines that this item falls under the section you posted, then that is that.

Also, two paragraphs below what you quoted:

  • Named Items will now have an animated header and border to make them stand out from other items.