Upon being gifted this game i have not received the free world transfer

I was gifted the game 2 and a half days ago and i chose to play on a worldset at random i was later informed of the free world change and went to redeem it but i do not see it. is this possibly a glitch or are world changes no longer avaliable.

Hello @AKviizon
Thank you so much for joining the forums, welcome! :smiley:
Would you be so kind to share any screenshots of where you are looking for the token?
Here we can see that there have been some issues regarding the servers transfers like for example with contracts but the token not appearing at all would be weird.

Can I ask if you have heard of this issue before?

is there a solutution to this problem?

I mean, if you received it as a gift, you should have been told what server to pick to play with your friends, right?

it was on my wislist and the person who purchased it was not on at the time of me starting my game and also didnt respond to my queation of what server to choose

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