URGENT Can't declare

Candela Tigris
USE - Orun
We (Tingling Nethers / Me) organized a triple war to strongest faction to spread their forces thin. We are the only company that contributed enough to the push and it’s not letting us declare.
Please fix TODAY we need the wars to be at the same time!

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You can’t triple declare war on the same company for a different territory at the same time, as it says in the tooltip on your screenshot. This is as intended, not a bug.

If that is is intended, it needs to be visible and apparent.
What happens to the declare?

It should change. This might have been relevant for October, but now on lower populations this provides unnatural protection for companies that own multiple territories. It’s already bad enough that 1 of them is permanently protected by an Invasion window.
Lots to improve.
Right now we need to declare war and the tooltips need better information.

12 minutes for an average loop. 1.5% average turn-in. 66 turn-ins. 13 manhours WASTED. The declare passed on to no one. Excuse me for being IRATE, but this is unacceptable.

you mind asking the devs WHY that is intended.

if a super strong company is taking over everything with or without shell companies why should they gain multi deck protections.

the people with everything shouldnt be getting any protection.

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This is so weird because 2 of the territories are free for them, and they tried to pull this ridiculous triple dec. they are now going to lose their home territory bc of this BS they pulled instead of taking an absolutely free territory xD

If you want to come for RS we will trade you for WW. Deal? You have fewer players than you let on. All your good players left.
Either way this “ridiculous” triple declare should have been rewarded, not punished.

Again, showing your inexperience. One of our strongest 5 stacks is still here, who were always at top of leader boards, aka my 5 stack. Our “bad players” are still better than your good ones. We will defend WW, take RS, and then transfer off bc Orun is dead. Then you can use your weird strategies on a truly dead server all you want.

The more glory then it will be when we defeat you and dance in Everfall tonight.

I hear the war went a bit like this. Sorry for your loss. Better luck next time! Keep trying!

Quite frankly y’all got rolled. Enjoy the 13 man hours again.

what was that?

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