URGENT: Character Transfers STILL BUGGED 3+ Months Later

There is a bug where the game registers that you have too many characters in one region. It will say you have 3/2 characters when you only have one in one region, and one in another. This means that if you region transfer, and then want to transfer back, you can get locked out. A friend of mine has had his main account stuck for 3+ months on West coast and has been trying to transfer to East coast since. The game says 3/2 characters when he’s got only 2 in total, one being on East and one being on West. No PTR characters. This is a huge issue and it’s been an extremely long time with no announcements from support and still no fix. Is this something we need to wait on for a fix or can support actually fix this manually on an account-by-account basis?

Has deleted PTR characters, reinstalled game, verified integrity of game files, even had numerous customer support tickets and sent Dx logs to support and have still never had an answer or a fix. :frowning:

@Luxendra @Aenwyn Can anyone please take a look at this? Something is most definitely messed up here!


Crazy this post is just ignored by the dev team/ forum team. 2 departments actively refusing to address a bug issue.

Is there any way a dev can manually move characters to other servers? If that is the case then the small number of people who are region locked can be addressed accordingly. This doesn’t seem like a widespread problem at the moment, but it does suck seeing this happen.

@Kay @Luxendra @Aenwyn @Wyvernn can we please get someone on this? a confirmation, something.


Can’t transfer to other servers… Hey at least the trading posts are still up, I guess thats a positive

I’ve already requested this in a ticket and the answer was no from the dev.

CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE FIX THIS BUG. Jesus Christ it’s been like 4 months.


Cringe, I would assume that would be the easiest fix but I am placing my hopes too high, I got a friend who’s account is stuck and it hurts not being able to play with him

i made this post, hopefully they respond.


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