[URGENT] Company members banned for no reason

We have had 2 members of our company Banned from the game for no reason, one was given a 7day ban for hacking and cheating when she was offline and did nothing but gather mats when online, she was given no info on what the real reason the ban was given, she has appealed and again was told that no emails further will be listened to and that they will not revoke the ban but yet cant give her info on it, i am well aware that you cannot publicly give info I’m not asking for that, but this is breaking GDPR as she is from the UK, our other member was given a 24 hour ban again for no reason and only told disruptive behaviour, again appealed it and was told they will not be given a reason and why they were banned, as consumers of New World being a product we actively support by playing this behaviour is disgraceful and you just need to go through the forums to see that there is a real issue with this with multiple forum posts claiming the same thing, this NEEDS to be addressed, we also provided evidence that nothing was done, and we have provided evidence that another company from the server are abusing the report mechanic to get people banned, and yet amazon does nothing about this, Amazon needs to be more open and honest and get a proper appeal team to clearly and effectively explain why someone was banned not just go, yeah sorry cant tell you and wont tell you, ps we are now ignoring you. WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS AND YET TREATED TERRIBLY FROM A POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM.


GDPR law has a different scope… like, why mention GDPR?

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because information on our 2 members have been withheld which breaches GDPR and EVERY piece of information related to those players cannot be withheld from them, if you arent sure on what GDPR is then id suggest looking it up as it relates to this.

Your post consists of 2 sentences. Respect…

I implemented GDPR in two companies, it has three major components:

  1. the right to be forgotten, clients can ask companies to be forgotten, unless there’s another outstanding law;
    2.masking of information from company employees;
    3.companies need a consent from customer to process data.

GDPR does not protect you from bans in video games even if they wrongly done … like learn to argue, bullshit gets you ignored or in more trouble.

“You have the right to ask an organisation whether or not they are using or storing your personal information. You can also ask them for copies of your personal information, verbally or in writing. This is called the right of access and is commonly known as making a subject access request or SAR.”

Also the Data protection act (DPA) was changed to General data protection regulation (GDPR) back in 2018. Giving UK personnel more control over their own personal data no matter what type of data it may be.

As a UK citizen you have the right to access all this information, doesn’t matter if the company is based in another country or not. If said company works within the UK then these laws apply.

The argument being made here is Amazon GS is not giving out the information on why this has happened which is still a form of data. You are not allowed to withhold requested data a uk citizen is asking for, that’s the point here.

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What does your in game character have to do with your personal information? Personal information is information such as your name, birthday, address. Your game account is not personal information and AGS can ban you at will.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while.

GDPR applies to personal information, meaning any information that can be used to identify a person (telephone number, credit card details, address, date of birth etc). A ban reason is not in any way personal information and GDPR regulations would not apply.

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