[Urgent Exploit] Tempest Heart Boss Exploits - Neishatun and Isabella (final fight)

There’s a way to skip/cheese all mechanics on Neishatun.

There’s a small piece of terrain you can drop down onto and lie prone to avoid all damage from Neishatun’s attacks.

If the whole party does this, eventually he will get caught in an attack loop/try to use an ability that renders him complete stuck and prevents him from performing any action. Players are then free to dps him down and kill him without any risk at all.

Urgent this gets fixed as word is spreading like wildfire and every PUG will want to skip this fight for unearned rewards

Edit: subsequent to this initial report I became aware of another bug on the last fight in the dungeon against Isabella.

You can run across the arena, through the damaging blood, to a small rocky outcropping. From there, Isabella will race up but be unable to path on top of the rock to attack you correctly. This leads to her standing in place and not using her abilities correctly, allowing the team to whittle her down with ranged weapons.

Needless to say this also needs a pretty urgent fix.

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We are aware and actively working on a fix!


You’re why we can’t have nice things. The entire community earns these little glimpses of relief and free loot for suffering the last 6 months.

also, I hope you step on a lego barefoot.


The reason that people bug this fight is because it has terrible random mechanics. Please, if you want people to do it right, remove the RNGJesus from the fight, having the globe spawn in a fire circle, just means it is going to be a wipe. Fix the stupid mechanics, and people will just kill it normally. when you have overally random mechanics - people will look for a way around it.

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Exactly. The orb spawns in middle of fire, with ads on you, all your team members are dying, the snake is coming after you with the 1 hit ko tail attack. This is m11.

Let’s hope you never end up in prison with this ‘snitch’ like behaviour :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Please just fix the exploit and don’t change anything else in the fight.

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RNG helps slow people for sure, but it’s not that hard to figure how to move in order to avoid circles…

tho there are bugs: once, we got the globe on a teammate who was dead, outside the arena, on the respawn point :wink:

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Please fix it as soon as possible, i was postponed because i didn’ wanted to use this exploit on boss…

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On the contrary, I hope they add more content that has a randomness mixed into it. Having all fights be basically the same, very quickly gets boring and routine.

What they DO need to look into, is the risk-vs-reward aspect. We should not be going through tough fights like this and end up with 2 Health potions as a reward. I think all the dungeons should drop no green loot (or at least the Boss Mobs shouldn’t).

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The reason why this boss is cheesed is because of the crap loot tables from him and the chest. All that work, only to get greens, grays, and T1 gems. Once in a very long while, a decent drop that’s actually above 505, being 625 GS/Expertise.

If this bug gets fixed (that’s existed since PTR), then fix the loot tables on the bosses in the instance, the chests in the instance, and the Quest Rewards. It’s a fun fight, and I love this boss a ton. One of the most bad ass bosses in game, IMO. But to be rewarded with trash is insulting.

And I laud the team for making such a bad ass boss. Now, if I could use my bow like Neishatun does… hoooo baby… :smile: No rabbit or boar will know peace during my hunts!


Hi Aenwyn,

This morning the 1.4.1 patch notes included a line outlining the fix for this:

“Fixed an issue where Neishatun becomes unresponsive during his encounter”

However the patch notes appear to have been updated and that line has now been removed. Can you advise if the fix is going ahead or if it’s been delayed to another patch?

There’s also another bug with Isabella - you can jump up onto some rocks at the far end of the arena and she won’t use her abilities correctly, allowing the team to plink her down risk-free with ranged weapons. Do you know if this is being fixed as well?

You’re like the 1 player on forums that is more fervent about these types of glitches than AGS themselves, and the only player that reveals these “secrets” to everyone who doesn’t even know about it. I for one, didnt even know these tricks until you revealed them, so thank you. If you really want to keep people from using these tricks, I think you shouldn’t publicly disclose them.

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These exploits are hardly secrets at this point, as every random PUG I’ve joined has discussed whether to cheese the bosses or not.

Bringing attention to them on the forums is the only avenue we’ve got to try and get things escalated, and to get confirmation that the dev team are aware of it and working on a fix is a good thing, is it not? I doubt anyone who was already using the glitch found out about it from this post.

Finally, I’ll take your comment about my fervour as a compliment - I enjoy New World greatly and the boss fights in the latest dungeon are a lot of fun, which is why it’s disappointing that there are exploits that trivialise them altogether, and why I thought I’d do what I could to make the developers aware.

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I appreciate your enthusiasm. Use the report a bug feature next time, instead of forums for these kinds of bugs. Don’t take this the wrong way but it’s actions like this that makes everyone “random PUG” aware of this bug. Like I said, I didn’t even know about the Isabellla one until I read your post. And maybe the snake boss one from a post you previous posted, I could be wrong. Again, don’t take it personal. I’m telling every one like yourself to use proper channels and not public forums to disclose secrets.

For what it’s worth, the Neishatun exploit is still in the game

Both major boss exploits are still in tho game

I was threatened for this once, but since I play a tank, I had the last word.
But , still this needs to be fixed ASAP.
this, and the quest loot box at the end.

This is like people who complain about spoilers when the movies been out for awhile.

This stuff is well known by now, you’re just behind the curve man

Another boss exploit here, please fix it too !