URGENT MOD SUPPORT: Toxicity on Nembus

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Dear New World Moderation Team,

Thank you for your hard work on making Aeternum such a magical and wonderful place. However, I implore you to take a look at specific players on the Nembus server who are blatantly violating the Code of Conduct and ruining enjoyment of the game for others on the Server. The players and individuals in question are namely, Tettou, Slaying-123, Abdullaha, Broccoli Johnson, Tvil, USA Army and a few other from the same guild in question. They have repeatedly violated the New World Code of Conduct (“NWCOC”) , Terms of Service and Legal Rules as posted at: Legal | New World which we were required to accept and opt-into when we loaded the game for the first time at launch.

Their behavior has repeatedly and blatantly violated the NWCOC, without recourse, such that I am without any avenue for resolution other than to post this on the New World forum. I have filtered expletives used by violators using the ** and hope this is sufficient for forum moderation purposes.

The violations of the NWCOC are as follows:
I. Rule 1 of the NWCOC requires individuals to be kind, build fellowship with other players and be your best self. It requires people to avoid engaging in “behavior that . . . threaten[s], bull[ies], abuse[s] or harass[es] others” including “any behavior that promotes or encourages discrimination, denigration or harassment or violence based on race, ethnicity, national origin . . . gender, gender identity, sexual orientation . . “.

Here, these specific Syndicate members have denigrated individuals in chat on the basis of race, sexual orientation, disability or general opinions of others with regard to the direction of the faction.

They have, inter alia, called people “p****s” for voicing an opinion different to theirs. When someone comments on their behavior they comment to “stop acting like a teenage girl on her period.” They have talked about engaging in sexual activity with the mothers of other Syndicate members sometimes in more blatant and brash terms than described herein. If anyone disagrees with them in the Syndicate chat, those disagreeing with them are met with a torrent of expletives. They have repeatedly hurled insults at Arab members of their factions including ones based on race (e.g. “Go eat a Kebab Abdul and stop whining”). Their guild members will follow suit, because their leaders (i.e. the individuals in question) green-light such behavior by using denigrations and insults themselves.

Additionally, during the initial launch of Nembus, they attacked people’s sexual orientation as a means for recruitment: “i.e. if you do not want to be gay, join the School of Wizardry today.”
Lastly, they use personal insults to attack, insult, bully and harass members of opposing factions by using similar expletives and denigrations or new players who are trying to decide on their faction. They insult Marauders and Covenants using similar language in Global Chat without reproach. They call people “retarded” or “autistic” for even contemplating joining a faction other than Syndicate. It appears as though the lack of any enforcement actions against them has bolstered this behavior and belief that they are somehow above treating others (including those from opposing factions, or contemplating joining opposing factions) with basic decency and respect as required by the NWCOC.

Indeed, a review of the chat logs of these individuals and their fellow guild officers would reveal more language used for abuse, harassment and bullying. Language that denigrates and insults people using race, sexual orientation, disability and gender as the basis for such insults. They have created a toxic environment in both the Global and Syndicate Faction chats of Nembus.

II. Rule 2 of the NWCOC requires players to “Play to enjoy the game.”. It specifically requires others to “value other players for their in-game contributions and activities, and respect their style of play” while not “engaging in behaviors that reduce or disrupt the enjoyment of the game for others.”.

Here, these specific Syndicate members, violate both Rule 1 and 2 at the same time (within the faction) by harassing, bullying and threatening Syndicate members who choose to focus on other aspects of the game like resource gathering, crafting or engaging in player versus environment (“PVE”) content rather than player versus player content (“PVP”). They frequently use expletives and denigrate other Nembus Syndicate members for their choices regarding content-engagement.

Namely, if a Syndicate member chooses to engage in PVE or gathering activities over PVP content, those Syndicate players are once again denigrated, insulted, bullied, berated and harassed. There are several Syndicate players who engage with the PVE and gathering aspects of the game who wish to transfer servers (when the feature becomes available) because of their treatment in Syndicate Faction Chat.

While there are certainly Syndicate Faction members willing to assist others with PVE quests, the individuals in question will use expletives and denigrations, hurtful to and insult the LGBTQI community, in response to any request for PVE assistance. Indeed, there are a few members of Covenant and Marauders who have faction-swapped, deleted their character or stopped playing altogether because of this behavior.

I reiterate that this behavior occurs simply because someone chooses to engage in non-PVP
content or disagrees with their view on game progression.

There is a further violation of Rule 2 of the NWCOC which requires PVP content to be “friendly and respectful” and states that “griefing and trolling” are violations of the Code of Conduct.
Here, the Syndicate in question will spawn camp opposing factions in the open world by quite literally sitting on top of a camp site if an individual is out questing. They have frequent discussions in chat in relation to the best way to “f**k Greens and Yellows” which strategies involving griefing PVP questers, gate-camping / spawn-camping opposing factions and other behavior which in any other MMO or FPS would frankly be deemed as griefing and trolling.
III. Further, we suspect they have violated been utilizing an Influence Exploit to declare war on territories despite lack of funds. Rule 3 of the NWCOC requires individuals to “Play Fair” and to avoid the use of “exploit bugs or other unintended uses of game features.”

While there is no hard evidence to present (as we do not have access to any back-end information), these specific Syndicate, without the organization of the overall Syndicate Faction or guild, have managed to raise the influence in multiple territories to 100% with only a handful of individuals running PVP quests. Again, I have no hard evidence to support this claim other than a comparison as to the rate of influence gain being made by Marauders and Covenant in opposing territories as measured against the Syndicate influence gain rates. This suspicion is further reiterated when these individuals type “we got em bois” in chat despite only having 3-5 players running PVP quests in a given territory.

IV. The final paragraphs of the NWCOC state that the “representative examples above” are not an “exhaustive list of things you should and shouldn’t do.” It states the purpose of the Code of Conduct is to “protect the integrity of our community and foster a fun and safe space in which to play.”

As described above (and further inquiry will reveal) the actions of these players and their fellows have created a toxic and abusive space on the Nembus server. A majority of players within the Syndicate faction are uncomfortable with or unable to use Faction chat for fear of being insulted, denigrated, bullied and harassed.

As stated above, the insults are sometimes racist and often times use sexual orientation and gender as a basis for demeaning players. They harass non-Syndicate members and work actively to grief, troll or harass them (either by spawn-camping them or instructing others to engage in tactics which others would be deemed trolling and griefing). Why express an opinion as part of the larger collective only to be insulted and bullied?

A review of their in-game behavior will reveal behavior which I am certain AGS and the Moderation Team would view as violations of the code of conduct beyond those representative examples enumerated.

V. Indeed, these specific Syndicate players have repeatedly and continuously violated the NWCOC, seemingly without action or effect from AGS. We have attempted to report these individuals any time we see violations of the NWCOC (as described in detail above) with limited or no response from the moderation team. I fully understand, appreciate, and acknowledge the overwhelming job moderating a game of this size and caliber must be and appreciate the effort being put in already.

However, as stated above, I am without an in-game avenue for relief and posting this information for the sole purpose of making the Moderation Team aware of a specific sub-set of players who are creating a toxic environment on Nembus.

While the allegations listed in Point III of this post are purely speculative, the violations described in Points I, II and IV of this post are quite clear and further evidentiary support can be attained via simple review of their chat logs. I’m sure you will find more violations other than those enumerated in the NWCOC.

Thank you for your time and support with this game. I hope this issue is resolved swiftly so that the vast majority of players on Nembus can continue to explore Aeternum and enjoy all your hard work. I am excited to engage in both PVP and PVE content, free from toxicity, spite and hate.


They would be purple…filthy grapes and their filthy language.


TLDR, but I skimmed through it. Make sure you’re using the in-game report mechanism. If enough players agree with you, maybe something will happen. To my knowledge, everyone I’ve reported for inappropriate chat is still around. (I only report folks that say things I would not want my 13-year old to see… and he rides the middle school bus which is REALLY bad, so… it takes a pretty ridiculous comment for me to report someone).

The system isn’t perfect, and the realm of free speech and opinions is a messy, but necessary evil. Do your part and report what you feel is worth reporting, but don’t abuse it. I think the in-game system is your best bet, I doubt the mods will translate forum posts to in-game action.

I hope your server gets cleaned up.

mile-long posts in the forums when a simple in the game report would do is also toxic any annoying.

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What you have stated is all the signs of people been bullied and is against the TOS. We have seen such on our server. We report all we can to combat these issues but i do believe Amazon needs to step up in their combat against this type of behavior by setting up deterrents as much as possible.

Toxicty we have seen can be a future issue on gamers opinions of the game in question and turn new players away. Things i do not wish to see in such an amazing game.

spot on, moderators need to enforce their rules.

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