*urgent* new trading dupe

Give players a way of selling all their shit instead of having to make money off the trading post. We can but stuff from an NPC with tokens so why cannot we sell for a fixed gold price?

Its nuts that we have to rely on the TP to sell items.

If optimistic transaction processing is designed into the game, it will be a huge effort to fix. And that means changing everything that uses such a design. I’m stunned they considered it, let alone possibly used it. I agree that my gut is leaning that way, but I still lack proof. I probably always will. Would be nice if this made the Dev Corner.


Didn’t AGS hire devs from GW2?

if you think trading is client authoritative you must be a special kind of stupid.

I myself can’t believe they chose such an approach. I would be more than happy if I was wrong.

well yeah they did…


Idk, but not all devs are and have to be good at network and DB stuff, it’s a very specific topic.

This is my dream. Playing MMORPGs until I’m 60 and debating in the forums. May you live an extra 60 years sir.

editing: I’m not being snarky


Yeah, I shouldn’t post before having coffee, my brain mixed that up. My bad.

Know what? The game could be server authoritative, but bad design decisions (e.g. waiting for a client confirmation to change the state of an actor on the server) could make it de-facto client authoritative in some cases. The same could happen with transactions. You can have a very reliable database solution, but using it in a not appropriate way opens the possibility for exploiting your whole system with dupes.


Please read the following link in from the dev section

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its annoying being left in the dark since the first OP 8 hours ago until now with no information on this from the dev team. Stuff like this should be immediately actioned on since this is a regular occurrence.

Yes, they have.

You really need to read dev blog and announcements before talking out of your butt.

at this point the devs just need to fix duping for good, if you want player incentives and engagement, just add Double drops, Double XP, Double Resources on any given week or weekend, less duping = less headaches , the answer is in their faces but they just don’t see it yet.

AGS should replace, or hire (if they don’t have) their security research team. immediately.

Wait for the media outlets to have headlines like 2 MONTHS IN AND NEW WORLD SUFFERS 11 DUPE EXPLOITS SINCE LAUNCH, because that is exactly what will happen lmao if this is left untreated.

It looks like multiple teams work on different problems and when team A pushing some fix, team B don’t have said fix in their own project so, when team B push their fix (on a totally different problem) they also undo the fix team A as done.

Um…using anything like perforce or even github will overcome that…if used correctly

The problem might not be that its client authoritative, but rather that handling items is super screwed.

The first trading-dupe which has been documented worked on the same principle:

  1. Player A sends Item to Player B (trade confirmed)
  2. Server receives that A sends an Item to B and creates the item for B
  3. Player A quickly disconnects from the Internet (by whatever means) - ordinary lag (e.g. from wars, invasions) seems to trigger this behavior too!
  4. Server tries to delete Item from Player A, but Player A is currently not reachable
  5. Player A connects again, still has his Item; Player B also received his item

So in “theory” this would also work just by dropping items, or moving them to and from any storage. And what do you say, that is exactly what happened.
It even is exactly the same for all the reports of people claiming that they crafted items without using ressources.

In short: It is very likely that you already accidentally duped an item by just playing the game, even if you didnt realize it.

In a server-authoritative environment that doesn’t matter. The client only shows what the server tells him to, so if the server transaction goes through correctly the next inventory update should display whatever is correct and the items will have transferred without duplication. If the client can receive the information in time or not oesn’t matter at all.