[URGENT] People logging in with 300k

I’m sure 2% of you will get to keep it straight up and 80% will launder it so fuck me and everyone else that didn’t get it with this new only 2% are effected crap.

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Server: Hellhiem also

hows do AGS not test this before release??? Did any developers pass maths?

Rest in peace all servers

Response from CM incoming :smiley:

In fact if u think about it fixes the economy, doesnt ruin it… land owners already have stole million from the rest player base , same for dupers and other exploiters.

this gets worse everyday guys

Thank you all for the reports. I have forward this to the team for investigation - stay tuned!


only for those that got it

Curious about folks randomly getting gold from this, but as someone that has lost items from Trade Post due to various bugs I don’t see a single coin nor get a response to bug reports. Very interesting.


Utgard is in full Fiesta Mode now.

People are selling 300k for 250k just for fun trading. Market is completly sold out and the craftet items are running in circles. On the other hand u cant sell anythign cause the settlement storage is full - I guess because people are putting in their full trash to sell.

Everyone is running around witht ons of buff food and armor… man. If they dont have the option to rollback we are the first to witness the last sandcorn for the tombstone of New world.

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Thanks for responding. Don’t be to harsh with Pneuma. I think mistakes can happen, he probably didn’t realize the problem.

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We need a rollback now!


this is true

i’m also posting on autopilot high on god knows what

does anyone really have room to talk?

Our whole market place is bought out. This game is completely screwed… Who the hell do they have working in IT? If i made all these mistakes in my job i’d be sacked long ago.


Did you craft a lot? Do you own 3 houses?

they did make an update today, normally u make a backup before…
so it shouldnt be a problem to rollback

Imagine he thought the guy was trolling. Talk about an oops morning before that first cup of coffee.


Im playing since over 25years mmos, Alphas Betas Earlyaccsses , Triple AAA and Indie, and i dont know what to say i never,really never had such a thing with like for every fix they bring they produce 12 new bugs, and every pacht a game or econemy breaking Majorissue.


gold disable for one week is coming soon


It shouldnt be random and normally is part of a comnesation that was announced earlier: [Downtime] All Regions November 23rd 11:00pm PT/ November 24th 8:00am CET

As posted before we are investigating cause the numbers sound indeed a bit too high.


Imagine the media again:

WE disables wealthfair trades again due a AGS Exploit. StaY tuNeD