[URGENT] People logging in with 300k

at that point I can only drop a huge F

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This is so cool. Well it would be if I wasn’t sitting on a whopping 1.08 coins.

Why do I keep playing this game?

FIX THIS ASAP. this is just ridiculous.


i guess they did * 100 instead of * 100/100
the numbers look like, it should be 1% of the gold and everybody got 100% :smiley:

Bind on player compensations like harvesting Gear, fine!

HAnding out anything around 50k for each player, that was kinda affected… sorry. thats just fllooding a server with money and the compensation didnt come for everyone in the same value.

Im just…begging… get the defibrillator for NW and save the last members :slight_smile:

Rollback please!

50k??? ppl got 400k on my server

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you lost last 100k players too smart developers , anymore you can bring new contents for 5k players be happy with your dead game !

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Which server?

if you trade BTC , you’re use to NW market prices


So just to slow this down a tad. A recap:

Clearly this was not intended to make half of the server rich and the other half is being left out. The problem has been forwarded and somebody mentioned that the live chat support suggested him to not spend the money at this time.

Hopefully they can somehow restore the market. I’m not spending 150k for one single piece of equipment lol.

Also donate some coins to @Kelticfury - Literally most broke person in this game lol. 1.08 coins, R.I.P you


From 3K to 98K.



This is a total disaster. I guess gratz on the people who now own T3 trophies, full profession gear and are one step ahead of the playerbase.

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Just want to confirm this is happening on the Grus server as well. A lot of people emptying the trade post as we speak. A majority of the players have not gotten any gold, so this is causing an extreme unbalance right now.

From what I’m reading it doesn’t effect all servers; all the ones I’ve seen have been EU?

As posted before we are investigating cause the numbers sound indeed a bit too high.

Thank you AGS for a fine Venezuela simulator!

I’m a big advocate of #citizendividend but you’re doing it wrong :smiley:


I guess someone messed up the decimals for gold :D. Never work with decimals when its about moneyzz bois!

Easy fix, put everyone up to coin cap.

This is like comedy gold.
F for that poor “dev” that mistyped some decimals here.