Prime time and there’s only 300 people on with at least a third of them bots.

I just streamed walking around Brightwood:

  • 1 person in Brightwood
  • 15 people in Everfall
  • 10-15 in Ebonscale and less in the rest.

Biggest Companies have now left the game and we’re all struggling to stay.

Please do not link us to a server merger forum page, we already know that 2 servers have been merged, however that is not enough. They are not the only server that needs merged urgently. All the servers need looked at immediately before the game dies quick. Give us an answer and a timescale.

None of us can move servers, we are stuck here because there’s no world transfer tokens. I never got one as default to being with


Yes Please dev`s a server Merge or a rebalance or something is needed other wise this game will die.


Perseus desperatly needs a merge and its not the only server that needs to be merge before people just give up and leave and the game completly dies, Its a great game and im loving it but running around and seeing hardly anyone else is a put off


My server that I transferd to has went from 1,5k active players to 300 in peak time in about a month. I am trying to still enjoy this game, but I literally cant play OPR and wars are happening less and less. As a PvP player, its not much else do to. No one is in any towns wanting to duel anymore either.

Nearly every server need merges at this point, its already too late for most though…


Well, Lamian has been below 130 players for several weeks now and it hasn’t been migrated either. Let’s see if you have better luck than us.


Good luck with that… xD

We are asking the same since December.

Still 0 support


300 isn’t even that bad yet.

Make more of these threads though. AGS needs to move faster on this.


Every server does.


Thing is, we dont know WHERE the 300 are… its literally empty, its like its all bots IMO

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the 300 are either in mutations or doing laz runs to max their gear for the mutations. Hence why the servers look dead a lot of the time. Even the elite runs are hard to find. There used to be at least 5-6 run each day so it didn’t matter what time you got on if you hadn’t done one, there wouldn’t be long to wait. In the last week its dropped to maybe 2, if you are lucky. As for the portal runs…one a day, if that and then its a wait time of like 30 mins till you get enough players. that’s just the PVE stuff. Can’t comment on wars or anything like that as i haven’t done any of that.

I understand on release they needed all the servers, but now a lot of players are already 60 with a high gear score, and once you hit the cap of 625 there really isn’t anything else to do. That’s an issue to as they don’t log in anymore once all their gear is perfect for them.

Id like to see more content, but i also think at this time of the game they need a lot more server merges. Even if it means cutting them down to 3-5 in both the EU and USA. At least then there would be more active players showing on a server.


Its sad to see the state its got to,

Hopefully the devs will listen and server merge like what everyone is asking

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Perseus EU died not only couse game problems but also thanks to main companies politics and players toxicity. That’s why ppl leaving server who still have tokens. Not even surprised that online there dropped from 1.3k to 300 souls. Congratulations, enjoy and have fun! :partying_face:

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Im not in a main company but it doesn’t seem to be the only reason why.

Players leave for many reasons:

  • New games come out
  • Not enough content - No world events, nothing new
  • Level 60 maxed with fantastic gear so they feel game is completed
  • No interaction with players

To combat players leaving normally theres a revolving door system, new players coming in enough to balance out the number going out. However this isnt easy in MMO’s and most only have a few servers. This is where New World differs, they have TOO many servers.

New World staff it is time to consolidate the servers you have. Perseus like a few other servers needs merged immediately.


@BlueandQueenie Thanks for creating this thread. Will definitely move this onto the team for immediate review and hopefully we can get some feedback from them to update you all here.


@MagicIce @Sainty Welcome to our community!

We have moved this information onto the team, We are now awaiting some feedback as mentioned previously. If we are updated on this, the feedback will be provided here.

We do appreciate your support and patience!


To be fair to the OP, almost ALL of the servers in NA East (and I suspect in most other regions) though they may have high populations (like Oceana, I think we have 1800 people on the server total) MOST are not active, and at peak we see maybe 300 if we’re lucky. I think this would probably be a good time to give everyone another free server transfer or merge more servers so that we can keep server pops up.

I and my company are not PvP focused and, though nice as a PvE to not have wars going on constantly, I can see why people would want this.

  • Balanjar and Perseus will be merging into Vega.

woohoo :smiley:

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Would like to say since the merger, its been a lot better. Thank you.

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So does Bifrost. It used to be a high pop server, when I originally migrated there. Now it is Low. Merge all Low pop servers.

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Lilliput needs a merger too , peak barley hits 300

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