US-East Calnogor Randomly Went Down & Unavailable

Come on - I just started playing and the server went down. Can we please get an explanation and fix as soon as possible?

And yes I know we can see it’s under “maintenance” by going to Server Status | New World but WHY?? It’s the ONLY server in all regions that suddenly went down.

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15k down the drain with being kicked from dungeons !!! i want my orb back

Hey there @emacko,

Sorry to hear this server is down at the moment.

Looks like this was not a planned maintenance as this wasn’t announced in the Official News section of the forums. Dev’s have mentioned in other posts from the past that sometimes a server crash can also look the same as a maintenance.

Keep an eye out in the forum for any Official News regarding this and the Server Status page to know when the server is back up.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.

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