US-East Cedar Forest

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Cedar Forest is still down. When will it be back up? I was hoping to play on it tonight.

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That server experienced a crash, it is in recovery mode and will be up shortly.

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I’m having the same issues, says it’s able to play but when i click play it pops up with Connection Error Server in Maintenance.

Manually restarting the world now to get you back in quicker.

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Thank you for helping out so many people with bugs and other nonsense that has made the game not as enjoyable, hopefully there’ll be a day where i won’t see any major bugs that make the game hard to enjoy.


Any ETA?


I think they forgot about us?
Quick restart 20 min later =D

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It required a second manual restart, which is happening now.

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When will u huys fix weapons for mages? How u can get hotfix in 1h then u need whole week to fix it? Start taking some resppnsibility already, fifst game that devs are so slow!

Kay, what is going on with this game??

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