US EAST GOT NUKED My characters got wiped

Same, no characters and no server/worlds to choose from.

Checking the server status on Server Status | New World (Shows all servers are up)

Something is fishy…


actually absurd right

they better compensate us this is stupid

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Same here…

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Congratulations :partying_face:


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There seems to be a problem in the US-East datacenter. Don’t panic just yet, for all we know it’s a login/authentication issue. There are people still playing on US-East servers, just nobody is able to log back in. So the servers are fine, it’s just the login service that’s borked.


Yeah mine too. Fix this shit I have hundreds of hours on that character.

we have how many posts about this?? And the only person to get a response from a DEV is someone who speaks spanish >.> I tell ya… the english speaking Dev’s out here dropping the ball wtf

Same Problem here.

US East: Mu

It’s a local problem, obviously :rofl: :rofl: :partying_face:

My character is also gone. I played early this morning and just logged in to play during lunch and my character is completely wiped.

I love how all of NA East is down and AGS is responding to other forum posts but can’t respond to a way bigger issue with any update…

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My husband and I are currently playing on our US East server, but we have 2 friends who are having the same issues. I’m afraid to log out now

Lol. No need to balance the expertise system if there is nothing to balance! I’m sure everything will be fine.

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Amazon as a whole is having server issues. Not just new world.

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if you want a reply from cs, use google translate post in the spanish section. no joke, check out how responsive those sections are

Sigh - the data base can’t be reached due to AWS issues so nothing can be seen. It appears to be the Virginia data center which is likely where US_East lives.

You are very unlikely to have lost everything. It would be better to ask questions than just YELL in a post.


Hello to all,

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience you are all having, this was posted by the Dev team [Notice] US-East Server Issues

Hope this helps, take care.


Correct. US-East servers are hosted in the Dulles, VA datacenter, and are affected by this outage. AGS dev team and admins can’t do anything in this instance - we all just have to wait till service is restored.